Ubin Trip 20th Nov 2007

November 24, 2007

My palms hurts…. my butt and shoulder aches…. i’m sweaty, sticky, wet and dirty… >.< but i’m so enjoying it! n i cant get enough of it, i wan more n i dun wan it to end! XD I LOVE UBIN~ (^.^v) Pulau Ubin is so so so fun! ./hop ard. yea~~ i’m so glad and thankful that JH organized this outing. ./hug JH. hee~ though my butt aches, n i can sit properly now~ (every few mins, i got to shift my butt >.<) i love the nature! i so enjoy strolling along the beach, smell the sea, feel the sand, enjoy the breeze…. else trekking XD i love to walk! look at trees, flowers, animals blah blah~ erm… how come i love cheapo activities huh? ./ponder. hee~ i love camping and picnics too! ohh~ n it has been a long time since i fly kite! come on people… let’s make one! (^^,)

It’s my virgin trip to Ubin =/ Mr M says i should have gone to Kusu island (“Tortoise Island”) instead cos i’m such a mountain tortoise~ (-_-“) since it’s mine and Agus’s 1st trip to Ubin, we took pics with the “Welcome to Pulau Ubin” Sign with the gang~ ./giggle. we are tourist! and we come from Singapore. XD

And yes~ my new haircut! Peter(my stylist for close to 4yrs) Chopped off my fringe, and gave me bangs! =X left side of my head with the normal layering while right side with steps. =X something new though~ i never had bang fringe b4 and a not standard haircut =p my dear yani even ask if i was been conned. “yr stylist forgot to cut the other side issit?” LOL. ./clap. good 1 yani-chan! But i’m starting to love it! self-denial? who noes? XD

After some bargaining, selecting and testing of bikes, we finally settled with 8bucks rental per bike for the whole day! gosh! cheap right? where to find rates like this in SG! ./smack head. 1st stop… we headed off to Chek jawa! We climbed up this tall tall viewing tower which oversees Chek jawa beach~ ./pant.

after reaching the top, this is what u get!! O.o


and suddenly these people ard me turns all emo… ./Scream.

n suddenly all hyper (-_-“) with all their jumping shots… i’m glad that the tower survived their rampage! Amen! i really wanna get home in 1 whole piece n not smashed! =p

Oh look up in the sky!!


it’s a bird? NO!! it’s a plane lah~~~~ cannot be superman mah~ =X


I really mus say that we are blessed! =D the weather was rather good, windy and all. Though it started to rain later in the afternoon, when it started, we are really close to one of the shelter therefore we didnt really get drenched and most importantly we covered those rather muddy areas ./grin. we continued on after the rain reduced to drizzles… ohh~side track! wild boars are scary creatures -.- they just came dashing through!! initially i thought my dear evil twin, yani cycled off the track n into the bushes! ./giggle. come on! the commotion was so big~ it seems like a human being mah~ =X

We are really a group of adventurous people! ./smack head. we crawl under a broken fence into a quarry, just so tat we can take pics =X But it’s so worth it! look! so nice~ ./dreamy eyes.


and check out Mr rambo! haha~ i vote Imran’s pose to be the shot of the day! XD serious looking imran can be so weirdly silly at times~ i’m impressed! ./clap.

Been a long long time since i cycled~ =X kind of newbie ah~ seriously, it’s my 1st time playing with bikes with so many gears! >.< those kind i ride are either gearless or just with simple gears 1-3 max. But this bike… erm… u can play with gears on the left and the right side on the handle. =X Chim! but my shifu, uncle hong taught me well… by the 2nd 1/2 of the day, i am able to play with the gears rather well! ./pose. pro-ster! =p 1st 1/2 of the day, i spend most of my time pushing myself n my bike up those steep slopes. ./blush. aiya~ learning! =D

By the end of the day, every1 complaining tat their butt hurts! my palms hurts due to too much gripping of the handle. My shoulder aches as well >.< sotong me, close to the end of the day, i still have 1.5L of water in my backpack! carrying it ard for the whole day =/ We are all hungry, dirty, wet and smelly! ./pinch nose. Changing into a new set of clothings only makes me look cleaner but not smell better! =X Hee~ but i love Ubin! =D any1 keen to go again? ./wink. okie~ let’s end with a pic of the “cool” guys. XD


– .: Mandy :.


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