JH’s B.day 2007

November 25, 2007


Stand up for Singapore JH, do the best you can
Reach out for your fellow man
You’ve got to make a stand
Recognise you can play your part
Let it come right from your heart
Be prepared to give a little more
Stand up, stand up for
Singapore JH!

haha~ National day? NOOO! It’s JH’s bday! >.< to show how much the gang loves JunHONG, we are all in HONG today. (except Imran lah! who has no red top at home! but i mus give him credit! at least he came with a red coke can!) *evil laughter* see JH! WE LOVE YOU! *whisper* organize more outing for us in return hor!

To JH, Okie since it’s your bday, i mus thank you 1st! Thanks for all the activities u plan for us to help me pull thru the tough and rough times~ =D badminton, table tennis, swimming, squash, gym sessions! Thanks for being my “Shifu” in teaching me all the ball games XD hee, i’m really not good playing with balls! and of cos Ubin trip… which was very enjoyable. =) *big hug*

Somehow these shots reminds me of class photo =X those kind taken for the year book! *smack head* Old man JH = our lecturer and we are students in uniform. =p see see! Imran trying to camo behind me -.- we can still tell u are not in RED!

Drama of the year goes to “Old and New Love” Starring: Yani, ZY and JH. Yani “X”-ing away ZY! haha~ and happily ever after with her “4%” with ZY depressingly watching the couple, will there be revenge? stay tuned for the next episode! –>

I’m pro! i managed to snap a photo of syafiq smiling~ XD U rarely get to see this fello smiling for the cam! but i seriously feels he looks sooooooo cute smiling!

The stars…… XD

Miss and Mr CIS (Computing and Information system) From the left to the right.
F1: Miss Amanda
F2: Miss Clare
F3: Miss Hueynaa
F4: Miss Yani
M1: Mr Syafiq
M2: Mr Lawrence
M3: Mr Zheyan
M4: Mr Agus
M5: Mr Junhong

M6: Mr Imran

Back tracking to the day b4, 23rd Nov 2007! We had a pre b.day celebration lunch at Siam Kitchen where we enjoyed Thai food~ =D yum yum~ haha~ Being the King of the day… Uncle hong got to sit right in the centre! guarded by the pair of twins~ =p me and yani, and coincidentally we are both in black that day~ O.o Serving him food and all~ But only valid for 23rd and 24th Nov. *evil laughter*

Not only did uncle hong get served n pampered during lunch, he even enjoy the privilege of being hugged by 4 girls at a time! wah~ where to find? *drool* Check out his face…

Of cos, everything comes with a price… there’s nothing free in the world~ =p like what syafiq says “For every up, there’s a down” haha~ so….. with evil people like ZY ard out for revenge *shake head* life aint that simple wor… But be thankful JH! u are blessed as well, we got u a mixed fruit cake with lil cream~ *giggle*

and i love this shot… Yani attempting to feed her “4%” lover. >.< it’s suppose to be a “fake” shot, but our dear yani, forcefully stuffed the cake into him XD

HAPPY B.DAY JH!! *cheer* May u be blessed and watched over… Successful and healthy… and of cos happy! (^.^ v)

– .: Mandy :.


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