Potato Minced Meat Pie

November 25, 2007

I hate Saturday class!! *cries* Was in sch for the whole day, though my wonderful sat gone just like tat, i have not much complaints as hanging out with my dear gang = extremely fun~ *Grin* It’s JH’s bday today! *sayang* bday n he still has to be in sch… but he gets to hang out with me! *pose* tat’s a plus point already. Anyway i need to recharge my battery! For the last few days been getting only not more than 4hrs of rest. >.< I fell aslp in class today! well, a short nap for 15mins~ XD

Got home and realized that there’s no dinner for me! T.T Dad n mum munched on some light dinner thinking that their kids will not be home for dinner. Perfect excuse for me to make supper for them! yippee~ Used my last last backup energy to make this…

this is my 1st time using this pastry recipe, it’s more to shortcrust pastry, instead of the 1 i usually make (flaky puff pastry) as i’m so drained, i decided to make 1 big big pie, instead of 6 small ones as instructed in the recipe. As for the filling, i used my own recipe, hee~ my usual potato minced meat filling.. Cooked by “agar-ation”(estimation)

Ingredients: (21cm tart pan)

150 gm butter
250 gm plain flour
1 tsp sugar
1 egg yolk
A pinch of salt
100 gm yogurt

3 large potatoes (diced)
2 large Onions (diced)
150g minced meat (marinated)
Mixed Vegetable
Seasonings (salt, oyster sauce , pepper etc)


  1. Mix flour, sugar, salt together in a mixing bowl.
  2. Rub butter into flour mixture until like breadcrumbs. (see pic Above)
  3. Add in yogurt and egg yolk, mix to a dough.
  4. Chill the dough for at least 30mins as it will be very soft and hard to handle. (for easy handling, i split the dough into 2 portion. Place a portion between 2 cling wraps and shape them with a rolling pin into a flat round sheet before chilling.)
  5. Prepare the fillings. (I usually steam the potatoes 1st before stir fry-ing with the rest of the ingredients, easier and shorten cooking time =p)
  6. Spread 1 portion of the chilled dough sheet on the base of the pan. Poke holes on it with a fork.
  7. Top up the pie with fillings.
  8. Spread the other portion of the dough sheet on top. I pressed the edges with the back of a fork, poke holes on the top and did some deco with the remaining dough like HHB. XD
  9. Brush the top of the pie with egg white.
  10. Baked at 180 degree C for 25-30mins (till golden brown)

– .: Baker Lee :.



  1. Thanks for information.
    many interesting things

  2. This sounds lovely. Going to give this a go. thanks for sharing this recipe.


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