HK Style French Toast

December 9, 2007

It was a fun Saturday evening~ =D since my parents are away on holis, aishi came over to accompany me, thanks girl! We had a great time messing, baking and cooking in the kitchen~ and doing treatment for our hair. XD *fling long soft hair around* She made me dinner! Wheee~ delicious HK style French toast. Yumilicious!I’m proud of her! seriously~ she don’t cook at home =X but she came over to cook for me!*yaya face* XD Yes, it’s a simple dish, but a very delicious dish too! nice crispy crust with maple syrup and butter topping *drool*

We had 3 different fillings,

  1. ham + cheese + tomato
  2. Kaya + cheese
  3. fragrant pear

yes, “WHAT! fragrant pear!” we are adventureous~ =X we ransack the fridge and decided to go fruity. hee~ therefore we attempted to make our own fragrant pear fillings apple pie filling style. XD

erm… somehow the both of us prefer the ham + cheese + tomato filling the best! =X savoury fillings match very well with the sweet outer crust *grin* the pulling cheese effect! *scream with joy* the cripsy crust with maple syrup and butter… the aroma of this combi rocks! For those interested -> HK style french toast recipe.

– .: Eater Lee :.


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