Double the FUN!

December 13, 2007

Goodies comes in pair? *giggle* Meet my identical twin, Amanda the 2nd. *point* I always wanted a sister! Some1 I can share my clothes, accessories, shoes etc with! T.T Daddy and Mummy! Y no sister or sisters? =p I love twins! Be it identical or fraternal twins. They are so cool… it’s such a magical thing to have some1 close to u, down to the 1st day u are created (^^,) “Just keep swimming!” swimming around together in mummy’s “sea”. Whee~ I so wanna have twins! *nod* a pair of cute, healthy, obedient, lovely twins! Make it male and female fraternal twins… XD *jumping with joy* Then I will only have to go through the pain of childbirth once. >.<

“Fraternal twins (commonly known as “non-identical twins”) usually occur when two fertilized eggs are implanted in the uterine wall at the same time. The two eggs form two zygotes, and these twins are therefore also known as dizygotic as well as “biovular” twins. When two eggs are independently fertilized by two different sperm cells, fraternal twins result.” (wiki)


This is what u get when u trap a group of silly students in school from 9am – 10pm, with a 7hr break in between >.< We go abit cranky… playing with yani’s Mac. hee~ check out my Evil Twin, Yani, with her Siamese twin shot~ =X

Ohh… and then meet our twins!

Twisted Conversation with Syafiq, left me thinking O.o it would be great if i have another me yea? In his case, the other him, can do all the work XD work full time to earn $$, do his project, assignments and all the things he doesnt enjoy doing =X while the real him, sleeps, eat, play *giggle* and come to school to attend class, cos he gets to be with us. (^^,) Muhaha~ and they can even swap dates! =X date 2 girls at the same time. >.<


I guess I really need another me… =/ I’m getting OLD. Memory falling me =X I’m so blur nowadays… i cant remember things that i have done or said. *pull hair* i have been making my dear evil twin, my walking organizer. telling her and keeping her inform of my plans for the week, so tat she can remind me =X

Ok, meet tomato-chan! look at her~ she is so cutie! (^^,) Lawrence got it for me~ so sweet of my “ah pa”, we were at MOS burger, he goes “wah.. ah girl, so cute hor? which 1 u like?” me : “tomato tomato” then tada! he bought it for me. *gasp* I keep introducing Tomato-chan to those people tat i already introduced her to =/ i cant rem who are those that have met her! *swing hair around* I’m suppose to tell Imran tat i made reservation for boxing day! but i tell it to syafiq! >.< and syafiq was there when i made the reservation. *slap face* I’M GETTING OLD! Maybe cos i’m leading an old person life style? >.< nowadays when i’m out, i cant be bothered to find out, “how to get back home ah?” “how to get there?” “where to go after sch?” “what to eat?” etc. i am just being led… instead of leading =X so not me! but i’m enjoying it, no stress no pressure, taking time off to slack. -.- i rely on JH to get me home when i’m out with the group, when he is not there, then i’ll start to feel lost =X with aishi, i let her guide me home. with Yun, i let her walk me home. With CG people, i let the NE people lead me home. O.o my way of letting go, and let myself find the way home? XD perhaps…

– .: McBlurry :.



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