Mum & Bro’s B.day 18th Dec 2007

December 18, 2007

Whee~ Happy bday to Mummy and Bro! (^^,) yup yup yup! It’s both my mum and bro’s bday today! 😄 YES, born on the same day~ aint it cool? *giggle* well… Best wishes to my 2 love ones! May both of them be free from harm’s way, blessed and well watch after, Healthy, Happy, Successful in everything they do~ =D

Wanna see what their bday cake last year? =p Tada… *point* my family love Polar’s fruit cake, lots of fruits, mangoes, kiwis, strawberries, and most importantly not too much whipped cream. Yummilicous wor~ *Rub Tummy* i’m hungry now! Go polar! remember JH’s b.day? same cake! =p nice nice! Mixed fruit cake lovers fav.


sooooooo are they getting the same cake this year? nah~ they are getting imitations 😄 *point* okie, not as pretty looking as store bought >.< but it’s the thoughts that counts yea? *giggle* 1st time experience, next time i promise to make it look better! *nod* YOSH!

sweet dearie Fumei, my cousin also my lil godsis came over for dinner~ (^^,) we had a simple dinner at home, BBQ steamboat =X Ben did most of the marination for the meat and fish! =X okie~ seriously! taste good! he marinated the salmon with herbs and all… YUM YUM! our cooking genes inherited from where? haha~ of cos from mum and dad! dad can cook well too~ been a long time since he cook though~ *ponder* See the siew mai and fish dumplings there! Me and ben love to Grill them… 😄 weird though, but we enjoy grilling the food stuffs more than cooking them in soup base. i guess the only thing that goes into the steamboat = udon noodles, vegs(3-4 kinds), meatballs, fishballs, quail eggs and sea cucumber (parents love them >.<)

We grilled the rest of the items, from crab sticks to pomfret! yes, we grilled the pomfret too! Mummy sliced them up! so we get boneless slices. (^.^v) 4 big babies mah~ *cough*


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