The Apprentices

December 24, 2007

Been a very very buzy week! But I’m enjoying things as it’s now~ though I only get to sleep on the average 4-5hrs per night. =X Somehow this week, I’m seeing more of aishi! =p replacing My evil twin, yani while she is taking timeout for her Hari Raya holis? Yes, taking about Hari Raya~ dearest Yani, Syafiq, Imran, It’s Hari Raya once again! And I’m taking this time to ask for your forgiveness in the things I have done un-intentionally or knowingly. It’s the time to seek forgiveness and be forgiven! *Nod* Happy Hari Raya my dears!

Since it’s Hari Raya, on
the 20th Dec 2007, Thursday, it’s a HOLIDAY! *cheer* My 1st Apprentice, Qinyu (Pri and Sec sch mate) came over to learn a few tips from Master Lee. *wave* Wah~ wat got into this woman? Suddenly wanna bake for xmas giveaways! *rub Chin* Must be up to no GOOD! Who is the lucky chap? O.o I wanna know too! *grin*


Apprentice 001 made plain muffins, decorated with various toppings~ Available on the topping list are white chocolates, chopped peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, m & m, gummies, Butter Cream, chocolate ganache, WAH! That’s a long list right? >.< Pulled out a simple Plain Muffins recipe for 1st time newbie to try *giggle* 1 bowl plain Muffins. This recipe wouldn’t and shouldn’t go wrong! =X But still i must say Qinyu did a great job learning fast =) Demo and baked a trial batch for her to see, and the rest of the 30-ish muffins were all made by her, My job = oversee, wash dishes and make the chocolate ganache and butter cream topping. See see my apprentice at work!I mus Salute her patience to make every muffin different! decorating every muffins with different designs = super taxing! *pull hair* Even though i watch her do all the deco, i feel tired for her~ >.<


Aishi and Yunjie came as well! *scream with joy* haha~ I love company! Esp by people I love! And will always love! (^^,)While Apprentice 001 was busy decorating muffins, Apprentice 002 and 003 combined their powers to try out a marbled cake recipe which I was eye-ing on =p

<– My 2 Fav Girls sharing my passion in bake! My place turning into a bakery school? =p Ah~ i will ask the Lord for a bigger kitchen with bigger oven and mixer 1st! XD Multiply for me Lord! *grin*




– .: Master Lee :.


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