Pre-Christmas 22nd Dec 2007

December 25, 2007

On the 22nd Dec 2007, I went on a date with some1 so so so special to me~ we are so alike *grin* we have nv ending stuffs to talk about… some1 I can go on chit chatting for hours and the topic nv ends. =X we are both very “random”! >.< as in we can drift from 1 topic to another, and go very very out of point! Some1 tat have the same thinking as me, some1 tat knows what I’m scheming *Evil Laughter* or thinking of just by looking at me. Some1 that knows my liking very well… One of the few that I will willingly go the extra miles for =) my HOT date came all dressed up for our date~ *whistle* in one of my fav colors somemore! *drool* nice sweet makeup as well! (^^,) yes! my dearest evil twin, yani = my hot date! 2 is her fav no. tat’s y it’s on 22nd? i guess so! =X

We had our dinner at sakae sushi. Check out her cute pose! *giggle* Yes, she loves Japanese food just as much as I do! But sadly, I cant bring her to my fav. Japanese place. T.T so we need to settle on sakae sushi. But it still taste good *whisper* cos my hot date makes everything good! Hawker food will taste good too! =p Dear Lord! We need more yummy halal certified places! YOSH!


I got a sweet gift! yummy homemade cookies + a handmade Christmas card! =D Gifts like these makes me all happy! who needs expensive gifts, when u get gifts from the heart~ =) Yunjie, Yani and Aishi are so alike! =X they are really artistic people, who can make nice nice cards out of things u nv tik of! i rem, a few years back, Yunjie made me a card made of spices! XD i still have it in my cabinet partner yun!! Aishi also made her own greeting cards every year… sweet stuffs which really touches me! =D i love to received cards~ ^^ no gifts? nvm! i want cards or letters! handwritten please~


was suppose to get ready her gift, but ever since 17th dec, i have been tied down by too many events! >.< lots of baking session with frens and gathering and outing as well, and no time to settle down to do what i planned to do~ =( *whisper* Thank God, i was given Christmas’s eve afternoon to do them! I’m sorry that my frens will only be able to receive them after Boxing day! =X Since there’s 12days of Christmas yea? (^.^ v) Was at the Christmas performance by the Singapore Association of the Deaf on the 19th Dec. Aishi pointed that there are tees on sale to help raise funds. and there is kawaii niu niu tees! hee~ She always help me spot niu niu related stuffs. Got 2 tees, 1 green and 1 red, both of different designs, gave 1 to my twin! hers is kawaii dino saying “i’m sleepy”


After wonderful dinner, we each grab a latte and head off to movie =D I’m now a latte addict =X always craving for latte! *point at Imran* hey Imran! you caused my addiction! how how? and i crave for them everyday! buy me an espresso machine? *giggle*


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