December 27, 2007


Massive Baking day! >.< indeed! I feel like a real baker! *gasp* made 3 mini Chocolate Log cake, 2 different kinds of cookies and gingerbread as well! =D see see~ Christmas giveaways~ =) Initial was really afraid that I will not be making enough to giveaway~ =X *giggle* He multiplies them for me~ I have 1 whole big container of each kind~ A LOT more than I expected =)

All packed and ready to go! (^^,) Goodies bag Consists of Oatmeal Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies and Gingerbread Man/Girl. hee~ should have picked a more transparent baggy! Too much flowery patterns, hiding gingerbready cute face! (>.<) was given another choice, lil houses but…. lil flower attracts me! i’m turning more girly as the years goes by *gasp* that’s a good thing i hope! Sorry to those who did not receive the gingerbread man/girl. =X Cookies taste even better than gingerbread for sure! (^^,) WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS! Be Blessed with health, happiness, success and wisdom! Be Safe and free from harm’s way ok! =)

– .: Mandy :.


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