Bye Bye 2007!

December 31, 2007

I’m thankful and glad that I have a warm home to go back to, a cosy lil place to be myself. I DO NOT lack anything I NEED. =) God is faithful. (^.^) The Lord multiplies every lil thing in my life. 2007 is coming to end, looking back, Joy and sadness. I’m thankful that I have Him. And I’m sure that He WILL walks hand in hand with me as long as I live. I will sing praises of Your love =) Becos You love me long before I love You.

Ended the year 2007, waking up early in the morning at 6am, for voluntary work at the SPCA. *grin* Dogwalking! Whee~ blessed with good weather and we have a number of volunteers showing up to help, I walked 3 lovely lil ones! Rumi, Boy and Max! Boy is the 2nd dog i walked today, comparing with Rumi, he is indeed extremely easy to walk! I led him most of the time, and this boy walks at MY PACE! Those who walks with me knows my pace, blessed with long legs, my normal pace is not easy to keep up XD but Somehow with Rumi, it seems that I’m the 1 being walked instead -.- She is so eager to nuzzle in the bushes, sniff everything in her way and always competing to lead~ and she loves to play tag! *pant*

Gender: Male
Breed: Cross-Corgi
Colour: Brown/white
Age: 4.5 years

Boy is a sweet guy who loves to go on walks each day and is extremely easy to handle while walking. He may be short in stature but he has a big heart! He gets along well with all people and loves human affection and to be loved. Because of that, Boy should go to a home where he is the only pet so that no other animals will fight with him for attention!


Gender: Male
Breed: English Cocker Spaniel
Colour: Blue/Black/White
Age: 2 years

We ADORE Max! At first glance, you’d thought his skin’s peeling off, but no! He is born with this unusual, striking coat! And did we tell you Max can do his little cheeky Hawaiian Hula dance? Come and meet him and we bet you’ll love him!


HAHA~ Max is the 3rd doggie I walked, and you should all come n see him do his hula dance! XD very very very cute! He’s a good lil frenly boy as well. =) somehow I guess it’s the gender thingy, male doggies likes me more =X female doggies normally ignores me (-_-“) as in they can’t be bothered to attract my attention O.o and they dun enjoy licking me =X


i love big dogs! yes~ the bigger the better XD toy breeds are cute but i’m just bias towards huge things *evil laughter* Somehow this lil chihuahua caught my attention, he is so adorable! n guess his name! ATTICUS! GOSH! a character from my fav literature book! read that book at least 7 times already! This lil one, really knows how to make himself lovable, with all the licking and all. XD *pinch*


Yes =( bring them home, give them a home~ Poor lil things are confined to their lil shelter homes, all day long, except during those times when their shelter are being cleaned and washed in the morning and also when they are walked in the morning. So ke lian T.T You will see how eager they are in the morning, all waiting excitedly for their morning walks. Give them a home, a warm and cosy place to go back to! Else come and just play with them, play time with humans is all they would ask for.

To you, they might just be a pet, but to them you are everything!


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