Hello 2008!

January 1, 2008

As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.
– Proverbs 27:17

We tend to shape one another, learn from one another. Just like when a child is born, he/she picks up how to speak their respective language through his/her parents. Learn how to play and read etc by observing and learning off another. As long as we are willing and humble, we can learn anything and everything.


“The same principle is at work in terms of character and personality. We rub off on each other. Are we rubbing off on each other for good, or are we rubbing off on each other for evil? Are we lifting one another up, or are we pulling one another down? We do not have to try consciously to do either. It will just happen. The world, largely, does not care how it rubs off on others—except that human nature wants people to think well of it, even while it is doing evil.” – John W. Ritenbaugh

Something to think about =p sounds true yea? The company we hang out and mix around speaks of who we are. And i love this … ->

“Do we realize that, when we pray, we are in the presence of God, and He has the opportunity to rub off on us? It seems so simple as to be almost unbelievable, but it is right. Some of His Spirit reaches out and begins to affect us for good. Prayer is a major tool in our spiritual development through God’s rubbing off on us. All the while this is happening, our minds are being subtly shaped by Him because we are in His presence.” – John W. Ritenbaugh


AMEN! Ended 2007, walking doggies, started 2008, cleaning cages of cats and rabbits. =) Whee~ I feel good!! Learning new things everyday~ from those around me, and those i meet. Thank God! All these people are so willing to teach and share! And most importantly i’m willing to learn! *grin* Friends have been asking about my resolution, so here it is! For 2008, i will be more humble and more willing to learn. (^^,) Bless me with Your Wisdom and Grace!



  1. New new year xiaozhu!
    Now it’s time to add a shoutbox too >.<

  2. (^.^) Happy New Year Master San! *giggle* OKie Dokie, yr wish is my command! *hunt*

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