Butter Cake

January 11, 2008


Wanna guess who is the 1st blogger that cause me to be so addicted to baking? *giggle* Ever since I stumbled upon her blog 1 year ago, I will visit her blog daily to look at those beautiful bakes of hers. :p I enjoy looking and drooling over those lovely pictures of her daily bakes 🙂 Till it come to a point when my growing hunger can no longer be suppressed visually. :X In the past, I don’t really enjoy sweet stuffs, I bake and cook, but it’s always to the savory side or just cookies. Her passion for baking spread to me through the internet, through the browser! :X I’m eager to try! It started off the flame to learn, try new recipes and sharing with friends, and me spending my allowance on baking related wares/ingredients >.< instead of shopping of clothes, I will always vote shopping for baking goods! Arghhh~ *pull hair*

After searching and hunting through her recipes, I settled for my 1st home baked cake! Marbled Blueberry Cake XD firstly, because mummy loves blueberries! Secondly, easy steps and no mixer required, just beating and mixing. =X back then, I’m still not blessed with a mixer! So all the manual whisking and beating, therefore I will normally pick simple recipes with no whisking *cover mouth* not enough arm-power! :p after my 1st success to bake a cake, I tried other recipes of hers, and they never seems to fail!! 😀 massive baking of Rich Walnut Cake, Sugar Roll, Egg tarts in the same week!

Baking is indeed fun~ simple ingredients, same recipe, but when handled by others can bring about different results. And so who is the 1 to spark my flame in baking? It is…………



🙂 I simply love her generosity to share her recipes and her energy and creativity to come up with beautiful bakes! THANKS AUNTY YOCHANA! After silently “stealing” your baking recipes and stalking/peeping at your blog, I must take this New Year, to really thank you! (^^,) I’m enjoying this hobby so much~ Lot of thanks!

Today, I’m baking her highly praised Butter Cake 😀 *drool* u want a slice?


125g Butter
125g Cake Margarine
100g Sugar
1 tsp Vanilla Essence
90g Egg Yolk
1 Tbsp Evaporated milk
200g Cake flour
5g Baking powder
a pinch of salt
160g Egg White
100g Sugar

Note: For a more buttery taste, use 250 gm. Butter instead of 1/2 butter 1/2 margarine


  1. Beat butter, margarine, sugar, salt and vanilla essence until light and creamy.
  2. Add in the egg yolk one at a time and beat until creamy. Add in evaporated milk.
  3. Fold in sieved cake flour and baking powder.
  4. Whisk egg white and sugar to a soft peak and fold gently into the creamed butter mixture.
  5. Pour into a 20 cm. round tin and bake at 175C for about 45 mins. or till an inserted skewer comes out clean.

I used 210g of butter and 40g of olive oil =X Ran out of butter and margarine at the same time >.< end up having to top it up with oil instead. In total, i used exactly 5 eggs, :p blessed! as the egg yolk n whites weighs exactly to the amount required!

YUMMY OF COS! Her recipe never fails! =p My kitchen is filled with nice buttery fragrance while it bakes~ When snapping the pictures, mummy was standing around, hunting for small crumbs :p we finish off the slices used for pictures taking even though we just had our lunch! :X tat’s how good it is! Buttery and soft~ 😀 will update tml on the texture again, as aunty yochana says butter cake taste better the next day! so there it is! my breakfast for tml! (^.^ v) okie, off to school for afternoon class! Ciao people! *wave*

The cake stays soft up to 3 days! Yummy~ 😀 Just remember to store them in a container, after cooling it so as to keep the moisture in.

– .: Baker Lee :.



  1. may i ask what “g” and “gm” mean? are they supposed to be “grams” or something? I’m sorry for being such a noob, its my first time learning baking anyways ^^!!! Please reply me back ASAP! >.< i really like this recipe!

  2. 90g egg yolks = how many egg yoks
    160g egg whites = how many egg white?
    i don t have cake flour, i have only plain flour & self raising flour, which one can i subsitute?

  3. hi i love baking butter cakes but i still don’t feel satisfied with my cakes even though all my sis in laws and other friends love it so much. i find that my cakes are too soft and not smooth enough and i had went to one of the baking store to enquire, the owner told me to add more butter in it…but i still find the same problem and it taste too buttery…i can taste my lips abit dry after eating the cake. when i cut the cake, it will break into pieces! it is too spongy, i guess!
    my recipe is as follows:
    1.250gm butter -SCS brand…had tried added to another 30gm butter.
    2.240gm self raising flour
    3. baking powder – 1tsp
    4. a pinch of salt
    5. eggs – 4 A size
    6.200gm caster sugar
    7. vanilla essence – 2tsp
    8.milk – 2 or 3tsp
    could you please tell me what is wrong with my recipe? can it be i had beat the mixture for too long? when i fold in my flour ingredient, how long shld i beat/mix?
    hope you could let me know the correct method. i had yet to try out ur recipe…but will try it tomorrow.
    thank you.

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