Happy B.day Aishi!! 24th Jan 2008

January 24, 2008

Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to you~
Happy Birthday to Aishi~
Happy Birthday to you!!!

*Clap* *cheer* *hug* *kiss* 😀

Happy b.day my dearest fren~ =) woot, u are a year older now, I guess it doesn’t matter anyway!! I doubt u will not start aging b4 any1 of us XD *sign* so good to born small size + baby look hor!! =/ *envy* I love you aishi~ 😀 thanks for being there for me all the time, and suddenly I realized we have been friends for 6.5 years already! O.o as we grow older, we get closer. XD now u are a part of me, that I cant replaced! *hug* Really thankful to have found you. Hee~ u deserved a cake! A special homemade cake with lots of love in it! 😀

My 1st attempt making a full chocolate cake~ >.< as u can see, I’m NOT good at designing or decorating! Plus I’m not really feeling myself recently =X stressed over assignments I guess, been not in the mood to interact with others, nothing interests me (yes! Surprisingly) and have been stoning and humming to myself in class (yes! according to yani! =X I guess I was too stressed up, that all I’m super not myself.) haha~ excuses to cover up for making this cake not attractive =p *pull hair* Aiya~ I’m blessed with creative people around me, so there’s no need for me to possess this talent! =p aishi, yun, serene and yani are all really creative people that can make things out of stuffs you never imagine possible! So give and take, they will take care of all the details and make up for the area which I lack in. *grin*

Simple Chocolate sponge cake, sandwiched with blueberry fillings, coated with chocolate ganche for chocolate lover Aishi~ 😀 Should have just left it plain right! I guess it will be more attractive since it’s a purely chocolate cake >.< itchy hands messed it up with weird designs *self slap* It was really hard to managed the chocolate ganche~ =X Hard to get the right consistency to spread them evenly and nicely on the cake =X Simple white choco chips, almond slices and lil sparkles icing. *giggle* Not attractive, but it’s the thoughts that counts yea? *wink*


Hee, met her and managed to spend the very 1st second of 24th with her =D am the 1st to sing her a birthday song and give her a b.day hug too. 😀 And where are we? in punggol park, enjoying the nice full moon and shining stars (^.^) lying down, chit chatting and finishing up the cake till after 12am. I’m such a sweet friend right!! *grin* I’m glad that she really likes and enjoys the cake! (^^,) So kind of her to keep singing praises about how delicious it was! Chocolate never goes wrong i guess =X or should i say with my love inside the cake, it will never go wrong? *evil laughter*

Happy B.day My dearest Aishi! May u be blessed with wealth, health, happiness! (^^,)

Lots of love,
.: Amanda :.



  1. I’m soooooo blessed to have a friend like you, my dear girl!
    You are such wonderful friend 🙂

    The choco cake looks yummy! Eh, I losing weight, can you stop tempting me with your bakes!

  2. hee~ i need to diet too ah!! been baking and eating! gaining weight le~ T.T cannot fit into cheongsam during CNY le! *pull hair*

  3. Sweetie…
    It is always happy to read your blog.. Though we mention the same event on our blogs.. but yours sound more happening and happy. hehe.. Really thanks for everything you did for me. I LOVE YOU!! hehe..

  4. I love you too! 😀 Thanks for everything u did for me as well~ =) *hug* stay young, happy and cheerful wor!

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