Peanut Oat Cookies

January 24, 2008

Whee~ *clap* it was an exciting + enjoyable day today~ 😀 when over to Adela’s place this morning~ 😛 To enjoy each others company, share the love for baking and also bake some for CG mates. 😀 Super blessed day! Things just falls into place with His guidance~ =) we managed to make 2 types of cookies, and ½ of the time it was based on “agaration”, adding ingredients based on our instincts and gut feelings, ah… Holy Spirits working wonders I guess! Cookies turn out great! With pretty good reviews from Adela’s aunt and granny too~ (^^,)

Ohh check it out~ 😀 it’s my 1st time seeing this! Crisco Butter Flavor shortening! and it comes in Large size! The normal 1 i see are those small size ones which are flavorless and white in color. =X so cool! This girl practically has everything stocked up in the house ready for baking! I’m shocked by the amount of muffins cups available. XD


1st up, Peanut Oat Cookies sandwiched with nutella spread! XD It is so not called for! Nutella spread was a last min addition. *cover mouth* According to Adela, Plain peanut oat cookies, taste too wholesome! *giggle* I guess it is cause of the oat and oso the reduction of sugar, which makes it more to the wholesome plain side. :p Adela is another CHOCOLATE LOVING girl! *gasp* She pulls out 2 bottle of Nutella spread, and off we go sandwiching and munching the cookies as we spread. *giggle* with the spread, it balances off the taste of the cookies with slight chocolate-y sweetness. It simply tastes delicious! *lick Lips* Recipe taken from QBB site, but we did a couple of modifications to it, added milk as our dough turns out too dry and crumbly at 1st =X



300g plain flour
60g quick cooking oats
100g chunky peanut butter
50g honey
100g QBB Pure Ghee (We replaced it with Shortening)
¼ tsp salt
120g caster sugar (reduced sugar to 60g, it taste just right for our taste buds =p)


1. Cream QBB Pure Ghee with honey, peanut butter, sugar and salt until smooth and creamy.

2. Fold in flour and oats and mix until well combined. Roll out dough to 4 mm thickness and cut with a floured fluted cutter.

3. Place cut out dough onto greased trays. Brush lightly with beaten egg and sprinkle with some oats.

4. Bake in preheated 170 Degrees C oven for 15 minutes or until golden brown.

5. Remove cookies onto a wire rack to cool before storing in airtight containers.


Yummy, packed with oat and peanuts, therefore it is more to the crunchy hard side, but with the nutella spread, it makes a world of difference! *lick lips* Looking for some wholesome goodness? Try this! 😀

– .: Baker Lee :.



  1. DO u wan CK to complement u? PS: I have bad taste~

  2. *giggle* yes CK, we all know u have bad taste! >.< But thank God, your taste works when it comes to important things! U are blessed with a nice, sweet GF and cute, charming group of Classmates (^^,)

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