A Chocolately-Cheezy Affair… (ACCA)

January 27, 2008

*giggle* This was definitely not what I initial plan to bake! =X Am gonna meet Cui Ling for dinner and shopping at vivo after service on Sunday. Ohh and her birthday is around the corner, decided to make her an advanced Birthday cake! ❤ Since I’ll b going for service b4 meeting her, I decided to go cream-less and ganche-less. =X After much consideration, I decided on Dark Chocolate Brownies bars as my gift for her sweet 24th b.day! 😛 Planning to make those chewy bar kind, which will stay in shape and not go bad too soon. =X

Went groceries shopping at the mall yesterday evening, my poor fridge out of vegetables! *cover mouth* yes, >.< totally out, no greens at all and no eggs! I simply can’t live without greens~ =X so off I go to buy some greens to prepare for dinner, at the same time, pick up some baking ingredients(butter, dark chocolate). =D while shopping for ingredients at the mall, Aishi commented about baking cheesecake again. It struck me and set me thinking! I’m sure Cui Ling loves cheesecakes too~ =X somehow, I always conclude, that people whom I enjoy hanging out with will have similar liking as me! 😛

I’m seriously trying to be adventurous! *gasp* This recipe, I can totally call it MINE! 😛 i just added ingredients according to my gut feeling. *evil laughter* I wonder what got into me, well, I wanted to make her something special, so a recipe I made!! And she will be the 1st to try it~ a creation and a recipe just for her! (^^,) bought sour cream to eat with baked potatoes =X but as I was making this, I realized tat I do not have enuff fresh milk *Pull Hair* and the batter seems too think and hard! Like a dough~ Though i want it result to be bar-like, i definitely do not want it too cookie like! soooooo I added sour cream~ XD no harm yea? Both comes from cow anyway~ *moooooo* =X

To Cui Ling: Girl, I’m sorry if it taste terrible =X blame your dear friend for trying so hard to please u. 😛
Happy Advanced 24th Birthday girl! (^.^v) Many blessings will be showered over you!


120g Butter
250g Dark Chocolate (at least 75% cocoa)
70g Sugar

2 eggs
70g Sour Cream
60g Milk
110g Plain Flour
120g Cake Flour

250g Cream Cheese
50g Sugar
1 Egg
1 tablespoon Lemon Juice (optional, i just wanna make it the cheese taste not too overwhelming)


  1. Sift plain flour and cake flour and set them aside.
  2. Chocolate Mixture: Place all ingredients in (A) together in a bowl, Melt them over a double boiler till smooth. Remove from heat, and set it aside to cool down for 5-10mins.
  3. In another bowl, whisk eggs, sour cream, milk together. Add this mixture into Chocolate Mixture.
  4. Beat flour mixture into Chocolate Mixture.
  5. Cream Cheese Mixture: In another bowl, beat cream cheese, sugar till light and smooth.
  6. Add egg and lemon juice into Cream Cheese Mixture, beat till just combine.
  7. Spoon chocolate and cream cheese mixtures alternately, into baking pan. Bake for 30 minutes or until an inserted skewer comes out clean.
  8. Cool on wire rack. Cut and serve.


As I trim the edges for packing, I nibbled on some. Erm… Taste like bars to me. 😛 I wonder if they will taste better warm or chilled *shrugs* will it be my 1st Disaster? Or Creation? *giggle* Wait for Cui Ling’s comments then~ =X

Name selected by Cuiling ❤ Cool yea? with our initials. (^^,) She did some experimenting with the bars, seems like it tasted the best at room temperature. =X will try to improve this special recipe for her. *grin* till 100% delicious be it’s chilled and warmed!

– .: Baker Lee :.



  1. my dearest baker lee,
    this is such a wonderful present.. i am happy not just because u bake this for me. but rather your very 1st creation is a sucess and e level of high confidence that u have.
    the cake is indeed v v nice. The coco is rich enough but over-powering and the cheese taste just nice. Overall, the texture and fusion of the 2 flavors just blends in very well!!!
    As i was overly excited, i totally forgetten to microwave it:X… but at least it tastes good at room temperature.. I will try the chilled version tmr and also the microwave version1 soon and update u..

    once again, thank u girl! u really make my 24th bday very memorable with such an exclusive bake of yrs!!!


  2. opps.. my dear girl!!.. i type too fast..
    i mean.. the coco is rich but not over powering… keke..
    haha.. im just too happy..

  3. ❤ i’m glad you like it! (^^,) think of a nice name for this new creation ok! it’s YOUR cake! 😀

  4. ok. time for round 2 verdict.. Did 2 tests this morning.. that is having it totally chilled and also microwaving it.

    1- Chillled
    The coco sticky bar layer tastes slightly even drier and the coco fragrance is even more empowering. Cheese layer still taste as good but then the taste of coco seems to overcome cheese taste. Texture wise is not as good as room temperatue.

    2- Mircowave for 10 secs
    Even before i open the microwave door, i can smell the coco already!!!!
    it tastes rather sweet after it was microwave and the texture becomes more like a paste texture. I didnt quite like this version… keke

    3- With coffee
    Yummy!!! it tastes great with my unsweetened white coffee (my morning fix) regardless of whether it’s chilled or microwave

    up next…
    4- With Ice-cream
    It’s too early in the morning to take it with vanilla ice-cream.. so i guess i will leave it til tonight as a form of desert? keke

    As at now…
    i like it at room temperature as the texture and tastes is just right! ^.^

  5. oh.. btw..
    i’ve thot of a name
    A Chocolately-Cheezy Affair.. (ACCA)
    Thought it will be nice since it contains our name’s Intials.

  6. *giggle* i WILL prefect this recipe for US! 😀 expect more ACCA to come your way! will not give up till it’s a super duper hit! ❤ Thanks for trying and experimenting girl!

  7. This one look so good! What kind and size of baking pan did you use?

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