Thank You!! (^^,)

January 28, 2008


1st of all… Many thanks to Daddy God for making all things possible, and all things good! (^^,) of cos not forgetting my precious frens and family 😀 This post is waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy overdue! =X I’m so sorry, been very buzy with lots of stuffs, and a special thank you post is not something I can compose in a short time. 😛 Must be sincere right! *grin* I missed out a lot of posting as well, a few xmas gathering events etc. =X But good things are worth the wait yea?

Somehow I’m really blessed this year! 😀 it took me awhile to see it, but I’m glad that I finally did~ Revelations! AMEN! When Daddy God shuts a door to something; it only means He is protecting me! Protecting his precious daughter from all the dangers out there behind the closed door. *nod* He loves me too deeply to see me hurt, let alone getting more hurt. The end of something is not always a bad thing, it might be good, as it brings forth a new beginning… and now I’m sure and certain that, the end of the 2007, bring forth a brand new beginning. Whatever I’m going through, I’m never alone, I have my family always there to support me, daddy who really loves me that he hug and teared with me during the times which I cry myself to bed. Mummy who really cares, and showered me with attention and love more than I can ever want, bro who is kind and understanding enough to not “step on my tail” and listen to me pour out my heart, see his strong sister cry in front of him. =) Don’t get me wrong, my family is strongly knitted ever since young, but it’s now that I know we are more than strongly knitted, we are UNBREAKABLE! XD

Not only my family, I have my frens, all out there, loving me, picking me up ❤ Frens who pay extra attention on me, buying me cute gifts to cheer me up (yes! Special thanks to Master San (weicyan) ❤ for the cute pig pig u got me! I know It’s a surprise gift just to cheer me up! though my expression when I received it was not very happening, deep inside I really like it! I enjoy looking at it so much. U know lah, at that very moment I’m still not very myself.), writing/drawing me cute sketches and cards (Thanks “ah pa” (Lawrence) for all the cute drawings and cards to bright up my day in class =p) , spending time with me to keep my mind occupied! (every1 of my frens!! You know who u are!)

And also most importantly, God whom never forsaken me even when I was so angry with Him, and even doubted His presences and His love for me. I remember the nights I spend blaming God for being unfair to me, hating God. But no matter what, it’s Him, who answers my cries, when I ask for His presences to walk with and in me, walk me through again. Extreme leh~ but God never left me, He is always with me, waiting for me to ask for His help, strength again. It’s Beautiful when God speaks. He shows me verses in the bible as I flip, telling me that He is indeed here with me all the time! =X I always thought I will never love again! >.< Geez! LOVE HURTS!! Esp when u love the wrong person! =/ But soon after I’m in Love again =p Praise the Lord! How to not love a love so great? How to not recover and concentrate on loving Daddy God and His darling Son?

It’s a lovely feeling to know that some1 loves you so much to cry for you, so much so deeply… I’m sorry to break daddy and mummy’s heart at that time~ =( and also, not forgetting my dearest twin, Yani. 🙂 God, I’m so glad to have her!! Haha~ I remember clearly the 1st time she hug me and cry with me which was in Oct 2006 >.< 1st big fight with Tofu, I was “dying”, and the 2nd time in Oct 2007, Final big fight with Tofu, and I was “dead”. She is always there to hug me, cry with me, dry OUR tears together. *hug* I love you twin! Hee~ okie, FJJ! I know u are jealous now! But u know I love you too~ I will never forget how much you love me 😛 so deeply that you cry for me, knowing that I might lost my vision 5years ago! True frenship ❤ I got cornea infection, and there was an ulcer growing in my cornea (DAMN, all cos of contact lens -.- ) nearly went blind! According to doctor at the A & E department in the hospital lah~ =p need to wake up every hour to drip 2 antibiotics hourly!! YES every hour! For close to 2 weeks, before the ulcer totally healed N Thank God it didn’t grow bigger =X there are times where i really felt like giving up, dun drip, it’s so painful dripping it T.T and I cant get a good rest at all, but FJJ calls me every hour to check on me 🙂

Seriously, I enjoy my birthday this year a lot!! *jump with joy* it seems that I’m getting lots of surprises and gifts, which I really like or I wished I had or I need! *grin* never had I enjoy my birthday as much in the previous years! =/ I was “ill-treated” for 2 years and God indeed restores them for me yea? =p I get double portion this year! ❤

Hee~ Celebration for my b.day started as early as 10th Jan =X Haha~ 1st up, Cui ling! Lovely~ a fren I never lost since poly days~ 😀 meet up every year at least once =X but I’m sure in this new 2008, more will come!! Since till now I met her twice already *giggle* Thanks for the wonderful company + dinner + gifts! ❤ Was seriously planning to get a new gym towel (I’m using an ugly dove towel, my partner Yunjie sees it every week during gym-ing =p) and tada! Now I have a new 1! ❤

Nice sweet twin, spend the eve with me! *giggle* we both went to pamper ourselves, with a Pedicure session :p after which she tired Hainanese chicken rice for the 1st time! *clap* Ask me if you wanna know where to try this yummy HALAL certified Hainanese chicken rice *grin* I’m ½ Muslim too! *laugh* Spend the very 1st min of my day with aishi~ *giggle* watching stars! Haha~ kawaii girl went jogging with me, and after which we lie on the pavement to just watch and enjoy the shining stars, chit chatting, and actually at 12am, she sang me a b.day song~ LOL. Thanks silly girl! I love you! I know u hate jogging, but u still come along just to accompany me!

Nice Marcus treated me to lunch before Arrow Service on the day itself! (^^,) Thanks boy! Ok, no pics on the food! Totally didn’t expect him to know that it was my day! So didn’t bring cam cam~ =p And see what he got me! ❤ Lovely yea? *bigger Grin* Arrow was great, spoke a lot to God, it’s important that I spend my day with God too! 😛


Lovely Dinner with Family at night~ ❤ as I requested, Mummy cooked Claypot Fishhead! The last time she did it was like 6years ago? Very very long… so I requested for it, very yummy! ❤ fish head + big chunks of fish fillets coated and deep fried 1st, den stewed together with lot of vegs (cabbage, carrots, tomatos, broccoli, yam etc), tofus, dried beancurd, pork *drool* it’s like all in 1 pot!! ❤ Mummy’s cooking!

Met my dearest sister(serene) n Partner(Yunjie) later that night~ (^^,) Chilled out at the usual punggol park Bliss restaurant, the 1 we always meet up to complaint or share our joy with. Lovely time spend with these 2 darling girls! My Secondary sch precious! And I must so show this off!!! Look at what yun made for me! Yes AN APRON! Hee~ now I feel so chef-y. For me and me alone! Sewed by her! Designed by her! In my fav color as well! ❤ ahhhhh~ so touched! My heart felt so warmth up, when I see it! Thanks partner! I love it a lot!

And somehow, serene, must have heard that I have all the big big baggies XD and no small size bags! Every Monday, I will head to SPCA with my big big bag, even when there is only a few items in it. =X Sweet her, got me a small sling bag, just nice for me to put my barangs! *grin*

While doing spring clean I found this! Haha~ it’s 10 years old! A gift for both of them 10 years ago! I’m old! T.T noooooooooo

The next day, more surprises! As it was a Sunday, went for early service, then met aishi for a guitar ensemble performance at the esplanade. Lovely music pieces and I’m jumping with joy already! 😀 In the evening, together with aishi meet My dear master san, weicyan! This fello MIA for awhile after started dating!! *bite* but nice understanding me will not blame him! Love him too much to blame him lah~ *giggle* Hee~ I got to meet up with his new love! ❤ ❤ She is indeed very lovely, friendly and nice~ in just 1 day, I’m sure I love her as much as I love him! We head to Settlers at katong! He surprised me by asking Ed and BK along as well. haha~ nice to see my old WOW pals! Spend the night, playing boardgames and supper-ing. These people pamper me a lot! *nod* Thanks for the night guys! =D Wanna see what Master san got me? *happy face*

my very 1st cookbook! Okie, apparently his new love is also a chocolate lover! So they pick a chocolate cookbook for me with motives!! *gasp* *pull hair* hee~ but I love it ok! It’s my 1st cookbook! At least this man knows what my hobby is! And a nice bottle of RUM to bake with! Thanks san san! 😀 the 1 thing about playing WOW, which I never regret is to know you! And I’m glad that we remain close frens even after we left the WOW-ing world. *giggle* Boy, I wanna see you and her, happily ever after okie! =) I wanna hear bells soon!

With Classmates, we had a nice lunch on the 15th, where they showered both Imran and I with sweet gifts! Yea, Imran’s special day is 1 day after mine. SERIOUSLY, it has been 10years since I step into seoul garden. =X yes I’m that old! wah~ the variety of food! >.< increased tremendously! I’m impressed by the variety!

Hee~ I got a new fragrance! The new Anna Sui Flight of Fancy which I was eyeing on! This is so not true~~~~~~ but it happened! They got it for me! Believe it anot, I just commented that the new fragrance smells good once!! Once! And it was way way way b4 my birthday! and see! Cookbooks! Potatoes and malay kueh! Hee~ both my fav! Told u I’m ½ Muslim! Hee~

Guohong aka hongdou aka hong ge! Thanks for the cute niu niu mini bolster! Haha~ it was a MATCH with the niu niu pillow he gave me last year! *ponder* what’s for next year? Niu niu blanket? *giggle* He is always showering me with niu niu related gifts, when he goes on holis! Thanks boy! I love the nice wrapper and I’m so keeping it! ❤

Aiyo~ last but not least, my dearest poly best pals! *grin* Thanks Susee, FJJ and Aishi! Had a wonderful time with them at Korean charcoal BBQ place, I love Korean food! ❤ and they know me so well… *grin*

Went Latte-ing after dinner and Cheapo girls! Write me a birthday card on a serviette! >.<

But Thanks for the wallet! 😀 really time for me to change my old wallet!! *hug* U girls really know what i Need yea? *more hugs* Been using the old 1 for at least 5years? A gift from FJJ! =p she happens to go shopping and this old wallet caught her attention, so she got it for me! (i was deeply in love with purple and violet stuffs back then >.< but now i’m in love with red =p) According to FJJ, this new wallet is still a gift from her 😛 and it’s the same brand (pierre cardin) and has the same inner designs too. LOL, so i will not miss my old wallet too much? I GUESS SO! >.<

P.S : I LOVE ALL OF YOU! (^^,) Thanks Babes and Hunks! *big hug*

*yawn* unknowingly, it’s 4am! >.< time to heat the bed! *kisses* nights all!

.: Amanda :.



  1. i’m so so glad that u like the face towel and it comes in handy at your gym session. Was wondering what to get for u and this cute towel caught my attention. I was thinking that with such a lovely towel, your future gym sessions will be more motivating!

  2. Awww…. /drop a tear, my xiaozhu grow up liao /cry
    Time to sell in market le haha

    Wish you have a great year ahead! Many many fun days too! /hugs

  3. OMG, dun know is ur birthday~ happy beloved XXth birthday……

  4. Cuiling! YES! i’ll be more motivated during gym-ing now! ^^ thanks girl!

    Master San, i Know u won’t have the heart to sell me off! I’m confident about where i stand in your heart! *wink*

    Ck, hee~ Thanks! GOSH! XXth birthday makes me sound super old ! *bite*


    I’m such a bad Class Rep 😦
    I don’t even know the exact date of your birthday *Slap hard on the face*

    Nevetheless, Stay young! You only get to be XX years old for once! Challenge yourself to all the things you have or never will do in your life!


    – Stay awake for 72 hours
    – Skin dipping
    – Tanning nude at East Coast Park *Drools*

  6. Oh, btw JJ looks so girly ah!

    Compare to the poly days! Her skin like flawless! *Envy with green eyes*

  7. Fei!
    *wave* haha~ thanks! erm… i will wanna try tanning nude, after i lost 10 kg! LOL i shall jio u go together~ *grin* ohh~ JJ yea! her complexion better now~ ^^ u envy her, she envy u sia! the other day was talking about how slim u have become!

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