Lawrence B.day 2008!

February 13, 2008

Whee~ time flies yea? it’s now mid Feb 2008, in 2 weeks, my 1st “deadline” for 5 assignments! >.< more to come actually~ FYP final report, 5 more assignments and 6 exams modules!! ARGH~~~ *Pull hair* I confess blessings!!! :O need to ride through these 2+ months! My motor seems kind of slow in starting up still =/ Anyway… This post is nothing about my school work *brush school thoughts aside* hee~ Yup! Lawrence’s b.day celebration!! XD massive eating a few days in a row! =X as we all know, the long holidays started on the 6th Feb, which was CNY’s eve, all the way to 10th Feb. wah~ tat was like 5 days of eating and playing! >.< (Most of us suffered for sore throat due to the past few days of massive partying!) And on the 11th we called for a celebration Dinner at Mad Jack, for him! Why Mad Jack? O.o This Easy to feed old man loves Fish n Chips or Chicken Chop. XD Food wise, it’s nothing fanciful =X not as good as expected though~ *sigh* haha~ I’m glad that all came even though we are all not really feel well! CK and darren came along and “entertain” us quite abit, and i enjoy “suan-ing” them too~ *grin* ohh~ ZY, brought along his gf! FINALLY, we got to meet her~ Hallelujah!

Check out the cupcakes!! XD Made by my dear twin Yani! 😛 *clap* good job girl, she did 5 batches! Woot~ tat’s a lot! And in case you guys cant make out what are the letterings on the cupcakes, it says “Hapi 26th bday Lawrence” HAHA~ seriously, i felt the 26 looks like 28! *gasp* we had 2 kind of cupcakes, those generously covered with red icing are the plain cupcakes with mixed fruits. We had Chocolate cupcakes with tons of macadamia nuts top off with red icing and sprinkles! XD Yum Yum… Thanks twin for baking! join me in my cafe business in a few years time ok! (^^,) meanwhile, u practice on piping yr letters 1st. *evil laughter*

After my dear twin made her “offering” to Lawrence (aka my ah pa), it’s my turn!! XD yes, am recently kind of addicted to chopping my fringe~ =X from long to short and gosh! this is my shortest fringe so far! haha~ check out our Happy family shot! 😀 we need a ah ma! *hint hint*

Ah pa! May u find your destined cute, sweet, nice Mei mei soon!! XD

okie~ i just realised that i left out the shot of the bday gift the gang got for him! *cover mouth* it’s a watch! (^^,) i will remember to take a pic of it soon! =X let’s end this post, with silly CK’s pic! haha~ what’s with the fingers and the act cute look? this shot is super funny! i need to share it with the world! XD

.: Mandy :.



  1. OMG.. who is this guy?? so old liao still like that….. “Faint*

  2. XD some man lor! i’m sure u noe him, CK7! *bish* what sia! CK7 -.- a fren of CJ7? *bite*

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