Awfully Chocolate Cake

February 15, 2008

Hee~ learn the concept of improvisation today! *clean off sweat* wanted to make awfully chocolate BANANA cake! But can’t get any bananas in the supermarket =/ and fruit stalls~ they are all either too squashy or too green >.< *sigh* Improvisation part 1: banana-less cake. The recipe calls for both non-dairy and dairy whip cream to make the mousse layer… according to information found online with the help of Mr google, dairy whip cream taste more yummy 😛 but however will not give as much volume as non-dairy whip cream, and it is harder to managed as well. *pull hair* check out supermarket, they only have dairy whip cream! Went to bakery needs shop (phoon huat) and they are all out of non-dairy whip cream =/ will only be in 3days later! *boo* Improvisation part 2: 100% dairy whip cream.


My 1st attempt making a mousse cake! *cover mouth* seriously, I’m not even sure myself how the mousse should be! Did I have the correct texture and consistency for the mousse? Geez… >.< I pray it’s edible!! And if possible delicious! *giggle* This is by far the most challenging cake i made! check out the amount of ingredients required and steps. >.< accomplishing this cake makes me feel good!! *ponder* at least it looks whole n complete in the end. 😀 Totally messed up the kitchen this morning trying to get things right~ cocoa powder, gelatine powder, cream all over the kitchen top and floor~ =X *whisper* luckily no1 at home this morning! AMEN! Else I’m bound to get it from mummy! *tired* it’s tiring to clean up the “murder” scene! Especially when u are handling chocolate and cocoa powder~ it stains the kitchen towels =/ *boo*


Sandwiched the sponge cake with a layer of mousse, top with a chocolate ganche (^^,) I’m bad at decorating! XD which I’m sure u can tell! And Praise God! i have a pack of sponge fingers! Which I initially bought while shopping with aishi and was planning to make tiramisu with~ :X but reinforcement is required! So tiramisu can wait! 😛 *flex* line the sponge fingers around the sides of the cake to “cover up” the uneven spreading of the ganche. *grin* now it looks better yea? I sure hope so! *cross fingers*

Sooooooooo much talking of the cake, and who is it for? 😛 for some1 special of cos! Master san! *pom pom* *cheer*

Happy B.day Weicyan! 😀 Thanks for all the Joy you bring me! ^^
May u be blessed with Happiness, Joy, Wealth, Health and lots more…
Most importantly, everything you wished for be offered to you!

Interested in the awfully chocolate banana cake recipe? You can get it from Aunty Yochana’s site! 😀 Follow me!


One comment

  1. Dear:

    Do you still have this recipe? If possible send it to me?

    Thanks a lot!

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