Sentosa Flowers 2008 – Tales of Spring

February 15, 2008

*sniff sniff* I smell good!! XD after lingering around with all the beautiful and nice smelling flowers I’m sure I smell like one too! (^^,) Traveled to sentosa together with cuiling today! *whistle* yes! To see flowers! Haha~ when I tell my frens, most of them are like “huh? What! What’s so special about the flowers there?” Sentosa Flowers 2008 is an annual flower festival held at Sentosa, spanning from Imbiah Lookout to the Beach station, showcasing 40 types of spring flowers from all over the globe!

Most of us knows about the new monorail, Sentosa Express which operates from level 3 of vivo city into sentosa. 2 mountain girls headed there for the 1st time! *giggle* and it was really special to try out something new once in awhile! 😛 Imbiah Station is the stop u should alight for the festival! *point* Sadly this monorail is kind of short compared to the old sentosa monorail~ =( only 4 stations! *boo* i hope the distance will be extended though!


check out what we found amoung the flowers! LOL yes~~ >.< Tomatoes! Is it a kind of flower? O.o *ponder* Mr Bee working hard on a bright sunny FRIDAY! TGIF! Hallelujah! *grin* –>

My dearest twin, Miss Yani loves lilies! 😀 so here it is for her! VIRTUAL LILIES! Whee~ belated V.day present k! *wink* my photo taking skills improving yea twin?


Whee~ cuiling is a rose and hydrangeas lover! While I’m a sunflower + hydrangeas lover! *grin* Flowers of hydrangeas blooms in bunches at the ends of the stems. It can be used medicinally, as an anti-malarial, anti-tussive and diuretic, often to reduce hemorrhages. And the concoction of leaves can also be a beverage. *gasp* hee~ and the Chinese believe that the Hydrangea is a symbol of expressing love, gratitude, and enlightenment. *enlighten* it’s interesting to learn about flowers!

1 enjoying the roses, while the other showing the “i dun really fancy roses” look! XD well, i’m not picky lah~ i dun mind receiving them, but i will nv buy them! =X hee~

These are my bunnies (primary school days pets) fav. plant~ XD they will nibble off the flowers ^^ i love them! small and cute~ and it’s purple! nice right!

WHAT SIA!! so lil sunflowers! >.< and they are so high up! cant even get near them!! *pull hair* but luckily there are a few GIANT fake sunflowers for me to snap photos with! *evil laughter* else i will be so depressed! haha~ i 1st planted sunflowers 4years ago~ seeds given by cuiling’s mum! XD pics of her mum’s sunflowers made me so in-love with it! They are so beautiful, huge and lovely, that they stand out on it’s own. so i “steal” seeds from her and planted my own~ :X well, wasnt really successful though, they didnt survive the monsoon period~ *sigh*

Lover’s seat? *cover mouth* we dun care! We join in the Q to get our picture snapped by the staffs there~ 😛 The heart shaped frame looks lovely yea? *innocent eyes*

Am I darker now? 😛 cuiling felt that I am 2 tone darker as compared to 2 weeks ago~ haha…Take a closer look at the ducks! Hee~ they are covered with white Carnations!! So nice! 😀

Cuiling felt that this year’s festival was not as good as previous *sigh* according to her, blooming quality of the flowers is not as good as last year’s event. Sunny Singapore too HOT for the flowers to handle? some of the flowers seems to be “dying” :X But overall, it’s still an exciting event for 1st timer like me! 😛

Okie, that’s all folks!! Uploading pics can be tiring! >.< nothing up during the weekends? Head to sentosa!! Take the monorail, which cost 3bucks 😛 and enjoy the nice flowers there for free! ^^ from 7 – 17th Feb, 9am – 10pm. Ciaoz!!

– .: Amanda :.



  1. oh gosh.. i look fat in those pics.. time for me to shed some weight before we go tanning and sight-seeing in Sentosa again!
    any way.. i really had fun today with u at the flower exhibit. i hope u enjoyed too!

  2. TANNING TANNING! *chant* i want! hee~ thanks for bringing me to this event girl! *big hug* it’s really an eye opener! who says there is nothing exciting or interesting to do in singapore! 😛

  3. Wow! Amazing trip you have to Sentosa. It’s been quite sometime since I last went to Sentosa. I guessed its time to pop there 😉

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