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February 22, 2008

*gasp* MeMe! Erm…. My very 1st MeMe! *giggle* I was tagged by Mrs Kwok, my poly classmate, better known as fei! Girl! What should I do here! Help~~~ =X From examples of other bloggers, it seems like I have to 1st

  1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
  2. Share 5 facts about yourself.
  3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

5 Facts about Me

Sharing myself to the world! *cover up* 😛 okie, here it goes…

Fact 1: Currently a year 3 student, doing her Degree in Computing and Information System. *sigh* yes, final year = lots of stress = less time to do personal stuffs = less happiness *boo* Will swim hard and conquer this final lap!! *swimming*

Fact 2: Very blessed!! Greatly loved by Daddy God! Jesus! 😀 my lovely family and friends~~ and the same goes, I love them too! will do anything and everything to make them happy! (^^,)

Fact 3: Loves BAKING! Must I say it again? BAKING! *giggle* started actively baking a year+ ago, back in those days, I would bake almost every night after dinner! =X all bcos I’m so addicted to trying recipes! 😛 now? Still crave to bake, but time doesn’t permit everyday, I would say at least once a week now~ ^^ Enjoy feeding my family, friends and receiving their comments to help me grow! I’m willing to learn~ 😀 I can spend a huge part of my allowance buying baking needs! >.< instead of shopping for clothes, bags, shoes blah blah like other girls, I spend more on shopping at baking needs shops or supermarkets! *cover mouth*

Fact 4: reads food (baking, cooking, food reviews) blogs! Haha~ really enjoy surfing~ learning from those kind people out there who are all so willing to share tips, views and recipes with the world! 🙂 Thanks all! 

Fact 5: Loves Animals! Really really a lot! *whisper* owner of bunnies, hamsters, chicks, fishes, terrapins! (which all gone back with Daddy God to a better place) hey! They live long k! I’m proud to say that my 1st hamster, billy, with an average lifespan on 3yrs, lives till 6 years old! *grin* Am a volunteer at SPCA, volunteering every Monday~ (^^,) dog-walking (sometimes I wonder, if I’m walking them, or they are walking me!! Some dogs are so overpowering! I cant hold them down!) and cleaning shelters so that the lil cute ones will get a nice clean shelter to stay in. Why volunteer? By spending ½ a day, I can do my part and bring joy to the lil ones there 😀 learning never ends, responsibility is one of the valuable lesson I learn from volunteering.

Alright~ that’s 5 facts about me! XD now I need to tag 5 people! *ponder* food bloggers or non food bloggers? >.< from all the previous meme-ers it seems to be food blogs! So here it is…

Tagging…Food Bloggers!
The cooking Ninja
Passionate Baker
Happy Cuen



  1. Thanks for the meme Amanda. Must confess I’m lagging behind 2 already…sigh…but since Ivy & you have both tagged me for the 5, I better begin work on it. Looks like I’d better combine it with the wierd meme too. How much wierder can I get!! Love your meme…laughed through it & remembered my carefree student days! Thanks for tagging me…hope I can get it posted quick. Wish me luck my dear!

  2. Looks like you are one very busy lady 😉

  3. Hey Amanda…how goes it? Just dropped by to tell you that I’ve just posted my meme. The pressure was beginning to get to me!! LOL

  4. this is awesome!! they look fab!! am bookmarking this!!

  5. so now we know what it meant by Peer pressure! 😛 i’m hopping to see it now! *dash*

  6. Hihi Amanda, I’m so sorry that I just knew that you have tagged me. After like 1.5 months. Sorry sorry ya.

    Agape Cuen

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