February 27, 2008


What did u have for lunch today? Saw this random photo hanging around in my pictures folder, hee~ taken sometime in December 2007. My mum often makes me “color” lunch. *grin* definitely very filling as well!

been stucked on my HCI (human computer interaction) coursework for quite sometime~ and this feeling is killing me! >.< *stab self with knife* am so clueless about what to write for the essay… *sigh* after reading books and more books and more more books, it is still not helping~ *smack forehead* all these reading felt so helpless! It feels that I would have spent better time baking instead of reading those books! 😛 soooooo I decided to do something in the morning to motivate myself. 😀

What will u do with 4 egg whites? O.o turn them into lunch! XD yup~~ tat’s what i did! had 4 egg whites sitting on the kitchen table, leftovers after my attempt to make ice-cream. (wait for my ice-cream post coming up soon! *wink*) =X in order not to waste food… i pop some olive oil into frying pan, mixed the whites with some mixed herbs and TADA! Low cholesterol sandwiches for mummy and me! Sandwiched with ham, lettuces, tomato and cucumber slices, toasted for a couple of mins in the oven for some extra crispy bite on the white bread~ completed with cream of mushroom soup (nothing special, just Campbell soup XD) a healthy complete meal! *laugh* i pray i’m now energize to think and work better! >.< *pray*

– .: Amanda :.



  1. i love colours in my meal as well! (:

  2. 😀 happy colors makes a happy me~ *wink*

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