Corn Muffins

March 8, 2008

Yup, i made muffins today! (^^,) Mummy loves muffins, and it’s easy to “Feed” her as she is one who prefers classic muffins, plain n simple. Her favorites are the plain muffins topped with raisins or nuts. 😀 I love muffins too! *whisper* all because they are easy to make, and normally a 1 bowl recipe, no whisking, no fuss! Perfect for a lazy afternoon! 😛

Just this morning, Mummy requested that I share the cornbread recipe with her, so that she will be able to share it with her friends. 😛 Previously, I made Cornbread for her friends and it successfully won their hearts! ❤ The best way to share is to go Hands ON! Hee~ together, we head off to the kitchen to bake! Unlike the all the previous attempts, we made them into muffins this time round. XD yea, I finally managed to restock on muffins cups! Praise God! *giggle*

YUMMY! I love these, they are delicious and moist! you get to munch on corn kernels and cornmeal in every bite 🙂 easy to make and eat as well! just grab one each! 😀 love sweet corn? get the recipe <here>

– .: Amanda :.



  1. hey girl.. the plate looks somewht familiar..keke. is it e 1 tt we went to shop for e other day? i’ve gotten my shopping list already.. let me know when u r free and we shall go shopping again ya? ^.^

  2. Yes! it is! 😛 anytime girl~ just call and arrange k! 😀

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