March 14, 2008

It has been a loooooooong time since I made sushi! Erm… 3 years? Back then, I didn’t really enjoy making sushi, all the cleaning up, and preparation. It’s so tiring! I made sushi only twice 😛 and all the equipments I stock up, goes into the storeroom ever since~ =X I love to eat but not make! Haha~ 😀

Recently, my pal, cuiling have been massively cooking Japanese cuisine… I’m seriously both hungry and tempted to try making some on my own! Pictures of her cooking and bentos are so delicious and it’s her burning passion in cooking which push me to try! Unknown to her, the main reason I made these was all because of her! 😛 she unknowingly spread the cooking flame to me! Walk with her, and u will be so influenced by her as well! i’m sure!

Hee~ 1st up Uramaki!! Which is also called inside-out sushi roll~ with kani mayo (crabstick with mayonnaise) and cucumber as inner fillings, outer layer coated with fish flakes! Aint they beautiful? Cuiling introduced these flakes to me, and indeed they are delicious~ adds sweetness to the sushi. 😀 This is my favorite for now!



Next… some simple Nigiri Sushi. These are actually rice topped with items, mainly raw fish slices, but I replaced with cooked items like Tamago(sweet Egg), cucumber, ham and crabsticks. and also some Gunkan Nigiri Sushi, topped with kani mayo. 😀 Gunkan means boat this sushi gets the name from the way the main ingredient is held in place on top of the sushi rice which is like a boat. Followed by, Futomaki, which are thick rolled sushi with many ingredients inside them. *wink* Supposed to add in the nice fish flakes, so that they will give a nice pink color, but end up, i totally forgotten about it! *sigh*


Preparation and cleaning up is the most tiring part! >.< I spend 2 days shopping and planning the type of sushi to make. But sometimes things do not go as plan! There’s a few combi which I never intend to make, but it turn out on the table and combi which I wanna make but, I totally forgotten about it =/ *sigh* Overall i enjoyed this cooking session alot! Made Tamago from scratch too! 😛 With all the guidance from cuiling, i am able to succeed 1st try! (^^,) Thanks Girl! ❤ though mine was kind of thin… XD


Thank God, Mummy offered to help me~ 😀 else It will be a long time before I complete all these making! The laughing and chit chatting during the process makes everything so enjoyable! Check out the inari sushi my mummy made and decorated. I love this one! Nice brows yea?


That’s all of the sushi I made~ ^^ 3 trays full of sushi~ 😀 Interested in sushi making? Visit <here> for information, step by step instructions on rolling and shaping the different types of sushi and <here> for information/recipe regarding sushi rice.

– .: Amanda :.



  1. woohoo.. they look tasty.. hee.. i didnt know that i can influence u to do sushi. ** shy ** but then, it was your bake that inspire me to cook. i will try to continue cooking and whip up some dishes for u real soon!

  2. I love sushi! Especially the pink coloured rice ^__^. I’m so impressed by how much you made – especially all the different kinds! I think the beautiful uramaki are my favourite, but I really want to try inari sushi – unfortunately I can’t find the inari pouches anywhere in England… =[ I’ll keep looking!

  3. I love sushi. They are so yummy. Wish I have friends here to share it with me when I make them. My SO is not a real big fan of sushi unfortunately. He eats them but not too much.

  4. Ling: yes girl! it was all bcos of u and yr wonderful japanese cuisine pictures which tempts me to cook as well! hee~ Pot luck session with sushi was a great success! my relatives loves it~ Thanks!

    Indigo: i love the pink one too! *high five*

    Cooking Ninja: Come back to SG! i will be most willing to share them with u! 😀

  5. hee.. =P we shall continue to inspire each other!

  6. Oh man, now I want some sushi! Even though we had some Friday night…whenever I see some, I want more. Those are gorgeous!!!

  7. woah.. sushi!! yummy yummy.. i love the inari sushi!!! hehe..

  8. your sushi looks perfect!!! :D:D

    i’ve attempted sushi twice and it is indeed a time consuming and messy process! those little things are so delicate and sometimes it breaks my heart when they start falling apart(sometimes during transportation) ):

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