Rose Sugar

April 4, 2008

I feel feminine~ *pose* Mummy bought a pack of dried rosebuds today and it got me all excited! 😀 am suppose to make floral tea with them (according to her, it helps in weight loss -.- I seriously wonder how true), but i decide to do even more with them. I started google-ing for recipes! Landed at Once upon a tart, where Myriam did a wonderful post on homemade rose salt and sugar! woah, so simple! I really would have never thought of that! so off I went to make my own rose sugar! i’m sure i’ll be using these very soon. 😛 cookies, cupcakes etc… Thanks Myriam! 🙂


10g dried rosebuds/pedals
40g sugar


  1. Rub dried rosebuds/pedals between your fingers until fine.
  2. Mix with sugar and keep in a preserving jar.

*Note* I opt to pulse my rosebuds into coarse bits, so as when used in baking, nice small bits of petals can be observed. 🙂



  1. this sounds interesting! the colour will resemble the cod fish floss that i recommend you for sushi the other time rite? keke.. i guess i shall make a pot for myself so that i can use it as a natural food colouring for my onigiri!

  2. *nod* pretty isnt it? onigiri! will i get some? 😛

  3. yeah! i promised u before.. remember? we will go on pinic after my exam ends!!

  4. great idea,will do it!!

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