Happy B.day Susee!! 4th April 2008

April 5, 2008

Whee~ What’s more exciting then spending time with people u love! 😛 even better, their b.day! who is it? one of my fav girls of cos! 😀 yeahhhhh~ Susee’s b.day again! And it means a good meal together + chilling out till late! =X I will brush aside my school work and revision just for this! *nod* Susee is a year older once again! time flies indeed and unknowingly we have known each other for 7 years. She is getting older (hee~ i still love u no matter wat!), so am i. >.<

come~ Let’s see what i specially made for her! 😀

She is a brownies lover! =X Therefore I pulled out my Chocolate cookbook! And decided on white chocolate brownies! “rewarding” her with something different. 😛 It was also my 1st time baking with recipes from this book, I’m excited 😀 Let’s see…

This recipe gives a more of a cakey type of brownies… love the macadamia nuts in there and with the lemon zest, gives a nice fruity twist to the sweetness. however, I personally feel that they don’t taste as wonderful on its own but will be wonderful with fruits and ice-cream.

Since I’m not sastified, with the little time I have before meeting up with her, I made some Dorie’s chocolate chips cookies again! 😛 This time with almonds instead of pecans.

*whistle* Happy b.day susee!! Enjoy a year, full of wealth, happiness, joy and everything good ok!! *hug*

Susee enjoys Japanese food, instead of the usual sushi place, we planned an outing to the famous Kazu Sumiyaki Restaurant, which according to food bloggers offers the “best yakitori in Singapore”.


Check out the b.day girl posing just outside the restaurant. :X

Here’s their simple, clean menu… all text based…

Here’s what we had~ 2 of their spring collection appetizers to start with… According to the service staffs, their appetizers are based on seasonal goodies, therefore there is no fixed menu for appetizers. 1st was some homemade bean-curd skin with mushrooms and beans.


Definitely not appetizing based on looks! Seems like baby food to me… mushy and all… >.< but it tasted not bad~ =X with nice chewy bits of mushrooms in it, a simple cold dish. Next, stewed bamboo shoots, simple, light, crunchy. Apettizers are at $8 and $12 each.


Next up, sashimi~~~~ *drool* I must say they are really fresh! But price kind of steep… their assortment sashimi, which consists of 4 types, 10 slices in total, at $30.

We tried out their seasonal catch sashimi too… 2 types, 4 slices in total, $15. But i mus say the presentation looks lovely~

WOAH~ here comes the popular yakitori!! 😀 price ranging from $3.50 – $12 per stick… had a few pork belly yakitori! Imagine the amount of fats i inputed into my body -.- seriously!!! but they are delicious~ XD aparagus with pork belly~ beef wrapped with mushrooms… and all other kind of stuffs! different types of mushrooms, fruits and cheese! 😀

Ohh~ here are my personal 2 favorites! Apple + pork and pork + mushroom… 😀 i love sweet and savoury combi! delicious looking aint it? —>

And here we have crispy chicken skin….. =X and some chicken balls… and after taking too much fats… i start to lost track of what i am eating.. =P soooo… let the pics do the talking…

JJ and Susee posing for the yummy meat balls… 😛

This is another favourite! Huge chunks of cheese wrapped with a thin slice of beef… I’m so satisfied with the “pull-able” cheese effect… ❤ ahhhhh~ heavenly ! *blissful*

After getting our tummy filled with tons of fats… JJ got abit cranky~ =X i really dunnoe what is this woman up to… LOL

Soon after, we all got bored and while waiting for our desserts to be served, I started cam-ing with the piece of leaf… served with one of the dishes. =X

Followed by aishi’s turn with the leaf… and me with a slice of leftover cabbage -.-

Then…. More crazy people posed with the star~ LOL, who is the star here? The leaf!


And finally… desserts came~ their “homemade” icecream… some beany and mango icecream… :X both tasted really good!

That marks the close of the meal… totaling up to $226.60. The place was rather small…and when the crowd starts to flood in around 8-ish pm, it feels kind of crampy in there… Overall, food wise, not too bad, but I felt that the service staff could be more prompt and helpful with recommendations. =/


ADDRESS: 5 Koek Road, #04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Phone: 6734 2492

– .: Amanda :.



  1. woah! d cakey looks nice!! macadamia nuts! yummy.. haha.. woah. d jap food looks damn ex! think cannot fill my stomach. whaha.. =X

  2. Scrumptious looking cakes with macadamias!

    Wah I love Kazu!!! That stringy mozzarella cheese with beef looks cute! I must go try it someday.

  3. Blondies with macadamia nuts sound really good!

  4. ZY: 😛 it’s over-priced satay! but u must check out their variety!

    Camemberu: Thanks! 😀 and yes u must try that! i love that! *grin*

    Kevin: 😛 thanks kevin! my 1st attempt though… need to hunt more for my ideal recipe.

  5. Your cookies look really good! I’ve got to give Dorie’s recipe a try. Thanks for sharing! Btw, are they crunchy throughout, or the soft chewy sort?

  6. Thanks ovenhaven! 😀 yes u should! They are supposed to be chewy soft centered cookies, but i like to bake them 2mins extra to get them crunchy and crispy. :p

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