April 18, 2008

Wohoooo~ it is Friday once again! TGIF! =X What have I been up to this whole week? *sign* nah~ not much work-out in the kitchen this week… as I’m pretty buzy with…………

Yes… >.< my thesis report! Eeeeks~ shall make this short… need to bury myself in this report *wails* Really happy when i check the comments readers left me today! *grin* Thanks people! All the kind comments! And many thanks to deeba and sarah for brightening up my long, tiring day 🙂 Both of them kindly shared their blogging awards with me… so sweet!


This is what I did earlier this week; on Tuesday(15th April) was one of my darling cousin, Lewis’s b.day. 😀 I took time off, woke up early and baked him a cake… well… wasn’t really a success~ =X i sandwiched the cake with butter cream and black current preserve. Didn’t manage to get the correct consistency for the preserve *sulk* I faced troubles spreading butter cream over the sides of the cake, therefore I gave up totally and make them into slices… =X

seeee~ (-.-“) as it was sandwiched with the butter cream, it looks kind of messy with the cream and preserve mixed together, i bet it is my poor cake decorating skill~ =/ i need more practice! This is actually a recipe by Dorie, her Perfect Party Cake. I need more practice to make these perfect…

Thankfully, Lunch was pretty prefect! 😛 pizzzzzza~ and it was thin crust pizza! 😀 we both had fun, messing around with the ingredients available in the fridge to make these… yum yum! a new favorite homemade thin crust! This deserve a post on it’s own, so i shall find time to do it later next week when i’m closer to completing my thesis. 😛 Alright~ back to boooooks… not cookbooks sadly! *wave*

– .: Amanda :.



  1. jia you orh! it will be over soon and we’ll meet up for our coming thurs shopping and also some of my handmake sushi!

  2. That cake looks so good. And the pizza…mmm…

  3. Thanks for your support and dropping by my blog and being so patient with me.

    btw: your cake looks very very delicious. I have never tried making a layered cake. I will have to practice soon to make one for my daughter’s 2nd birthday 🙂

    Good luck to writing your thesis. In French, they say ‘merde!’ (meaning ‘shit’ for wishing good luck) Bon courage! (Have courage.) 🙂

  4. Hey Mandy…the cake looks pretty darned good to me! Wish I could nick a slice off the screen! It’s fab…I love layered cakes. Another award for you dear girl…whenever you have a moment!*HUGS*!!

  5. hello, I loved the cake that u baked. I love to bake as well, just i am stil lack of something! =)

  6. Hopefully u can share ur ingredients if u dun mind =)

  7. Thanks all for the kind comments! 🙂 i’m still learning~

    Cooking Ninja: wah! thanks for your ‘Merde’! 😛 *nod* i’ll b all charged up with courage!

    Deeba: 😀 u are always so kind! i simply love u~~~ *wink*

    Felicia: Hi felicia! I would love to share with u! you can get the recipe from kevin’s blog, he did a really good job with the instructions and nice yummy photos. 🙂 http://closetcooking.blogspot.com/2008/03/dories-perfect-party-cake.html

  8. Wao, thanks a lot! I just tried pizza but looks tat ur pizza taste nicer wo! hehehe 🙂

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