Happy Bento-ing Day!

April 24, 2008

I’m supposed to be doing work! But I’m tooooooo happy, I need to share this joy! Blog it down and remember this special day~ *grin* Thanks Ling for making my day! 😀 my special special pal! *hug*

Time flies yea? Just last week, I was all stressed up… on the verge of giving up! >.< really felt like scrapping my thesis report and do it next year… Well, that will mean I have to extend my study in the uni for 1 more year… all the thoughts + backup plans just seems to flood into my brain! I must say I’m really thankful for the kind support I get from my parents and friends! Nice friends supported me, all the “加油!” messages I get encourages me even more~ 😀 you people know who u are! *hug*

Was really lost and confused, I took time off, prayed, trust and rest in Him. He is indeed faithful, my rest and strength, throughout the days when I get little sleep, and tiredness didn’t get to me! I just seem to be able to go on n on before I know it; I have already generated 140pages of words! >.< Finally managed to get good rest on Monday as the report was close to completion. Meeting with my supervisor on Tuesday went really well, as no further changes were required. Rewarded myself with baking this -> Mocha Banana cupcake 😀 coffee, chocolate chips and bananas! which i offered to my dear partner Yunjie :p

Sleepless night well worth! (okie, I’m exaggerating here, I did get rest but like 3 hrs per night?) now I’m left with the last and most important part of the thesis to complete… Abstract Summary! >.< eeeeks~ after which, time to turn on my engine and prepare for my exams starting on the 2nd May! Geez… I have a love and hate r/s about schooling life!

Back to Today, it was a wonderful day! Went for an outing with Ling and she kindly offered to make me a sushi bento… I felt like a child! It feels good to be pamper with goodies… I can’t help “showing off” to yani during class hours. With “I’m having sushi for lunch”, “I’m hungry, I wan sushi” , “this lecture better end soon, I wan my bento” keke~

Haha~ the inner child in me just came out while I unpacked the bento bag… 😛 it feels like just like unwrapping xmas gift! All hopeful and curious about what’s in it. >.< Anyway, She totally blew me away with this cute bento lunch~ *touched* sooooo sweet, so cute and so thoughtful. guess what is inside! *grin*

Yummy cold soba with Tamago + crabstick + cucumber appetizers~ *GASP* Papa, mama and baby Panda onigiri! Ling made mama panda after seeing them on <japanese bento site> .  GOSH…so KAWAII! They are just sooooo adorable, i cant stop looking at them, but at the same time i wanna eat them up =X i am one confused kid. >.< ohh~ and check out the cute condiments holders~ lunching like this really makes one happy! 😛 dun you love colors?

Ling eating up Mummy Panda~ noooooooooo……………. well, i ate up papa and baby panda 😛 They are centred with either yummy korean style sliced pork, Kani (crabsticks) Mayo or fish flakes. ^^ delicious~~

Had a really good lunch today and a good time at Meidi-ya Supermarket (Japanese Supermarket at Liang Court) 😛 okie, might sound weird, but it seems we enjoy shopping for food, cooking, baking related items more than clothes and accessories. Ohh~ and I mus so show this! Check out this rockmelon -.- $89.90! OMG~ will any1 seriously buy it? =/

Ended the day with desserts! Custard + caramel… and a light, soft fluffy Cream cheese chiffon cake~ At this little Japanese deli, known as Tampopo Deli at basement one of Liang Court, they serve goodies like bentos, puddings, cakes, savoury stuffs(tempuras, salads etc).

*grin* ahhhhh~ feel so charged up now, after an enjoyable day! alright~ I’m happy~ 😀 back to my thesis~ 😛

– .: Happy Amanda :.



  1. i’m glad that you enjoy our ladies’ outing this afternoon and also the food that i’ve prepared. 🙂
    i will continue to improve my culinary skills and whipped up tastier food for you the next time!

    p/s: btw.. the cookies are real nice!!!! i love both.

  2. Amanda, dear, I found you via Deeba…. You are so blessed to have a great friend in Ling AND to be nearing the end of you studies. I had to write my thesis on a typewriter! I wishing you success from over here in California. The bento lunch was absolutely adorable.

    xoxox Amy

  3. Ling: I love the outing! thanks for blessing me with your wonderful cooking and company! 🙂

    Amy: Thanks for dropping by~ 😀 yea, i’m thankful to be so blessed! you are so kind, thank you for all your blessings! *curtsy*

  4. That onigiri with korean style sliced pork filling looks really tasty. That is one expensive melon!!

  5. *HAPPY AMNADA*…how nice & cheerful that sounds. Your friend is ever so sweet; love the bento too!!! GOOD FOR YOU; all the very best with the thesis dear girl! Take care & lov

  6. chance upon your site, can you share with me where did you or your fren got the hello kitty bento box and bag? thanks!

  7. ivy: i got the bag and rice mould from a hello kitty store at chinatown point 2nd level.

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