Steam Orange/Mango Cake

April 27, 2008

Steam our way to a healthier diet! 😛 I finally finalize my thesis! *cheer* I decided to make my all time favorite, <Steam Banana Cake> 😀 and after doing a batch, i played around with other fruits… and I ended up with… 3 variety of steam cakes….

Steam Banana, Orange and Mango Cake

Did a batch of steam orange cake…. instead of bananas; swapped in 120g of orange puree, beat the mixture to soft peak instead of ribbon stage this time, as i’m afraid that the amount of moisture in the orange puree will collapse the cake…

Steam Orange Cake

For the steam mango cake, i used 180g of mashed mango. and the steps follows those of the <steam banana cake> only difference is the fruits in it.

Steam Mango Cake

The main reason for altering the amount of fruits called for, is that the amount of moisture in these fruits defer respectively therefore slight alteration in the hope that texture will not be affected. well, it was fun to try out different combination *laugh*

The oranges i used in my orange cake were more to the sour side~ =X but the cake gives a refreshing feeling though! for the mango cake, i love the bits of mango in them, but however, this mango i’m using ain’t those fragrant type, therefore there seem to be an egg-y aftertaste which covers up the mango taste. =/<steam banana cake> is still the best! >.<

– .: Tester Lee :.



  1. I love the orange-mango combo. YUM! I need to try this.

  2. arr… i want the mango steamcake!!!!!

  3. So beautiful! Esp. the mango ones.

  4. Those cakes look good. I really like the sound of the mango ones. It is too bad that they had that egg-y aftertaste though.

  5. Rachel: hee~ i love the colors, but however, i still love the banana version the best! 😀

    Ling: Let me try to perfect this Steam mango cake just for u! 😛

    kevin and Emily: thanks! looks pretty yea? but sadly not that yummy =(

  6. the mango cake looks great. pretty.

  7. oh no.. i foresee that my waistline will expand sooner or later with all your tasty treats!

  8. I am cooking this recipe right now, and I can’t wait to try it. I used extra virgin olive oil, so I am afraid the strong taste will dominate the other flavors. I hope it turns out well. Thanks so much! check out my blog!

  9. tried your steam banana cake , it is superb!.
    if to replace with orange, from your message above, i do not need to beat the batter till ribbon stage?

  10. 120g orange puree, that mean how many orange?

    orange puree, that mean that the orange and blend it?


  11. I did a steamed pumpkin cake for Thanksgiving. That rocked! Anyone have recipes for steamed breads that are NOT sweet?

    Frondly, Fern

  12. Sound not bad maybe I”llhave a try.

  13. wat is orange puree?

  14. please update me is have any special recipes, thanks

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  16. Can I bake the cakes instead or how exactly do you steam?

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