Soybean side dish – Kong Jang

May 22, 2008

Korean meals are usually shared family-style, with many small plates of side dishes such as kimchi, namul (Seasoned vegetables) and sauces. All arranged and placed in the center of the dining table alongside with the main dishes for everyone to help themselves.

Recently i have been actively scouting for Korean cuisine recipes, especially side dishes! Best pal Aishi commented : ” Seems like we will be cooking Korean for some time” LOL, yes, there is so much i just wanna try out! Was surfing and chatting with her, when i spotted this site, really cool! <<Recipe>> for this yummy side dish taken from <Cooking Korean Food with Maangchi> 😀 With visual representations, all seems easy and simple!

Reduced the soy sauce and sugar amount to 1/3 cup each. Left out the 2 cloves of garlic, it just slip off my mind though i have them ready. This is my 1st time tasting this side dish, never had anything close to this before. Wasn’t really sure what to expect at 1st, is it suppose to be soft or chewy? *ponder*

Mine gives the honey-glazed + salty taste with a chewy texture. I love the addition of sesame seeds, gives this side dish an extra bite and makes u crave for it more! YUM! My mum enjoyed this dish and she even suggested doing the black soybean version ! Thanks Maangchi for this! 😛

– .: Cook Lee :.



  1. these are the best looking soybeans i’ve ever seen. they look like candy, i wanna keep a bag of ’em in my desk for afternoon munching.

  2. i’m not too familiar with korean cuisine. I’ve only had little more well-known dishes and spending about a week or two in seoul as a kid isn’t enough to taste all the wonders of korean cuisine.
    i do like the sound of this as i really like my legumes and nuts, etc. yummy!

  3. Thank you! I will have to try it. I eat dry roasted soy beans but have never tried cooking them.

  4. At the Korean restaurant I go to they make this with the black soybeans, I LOVE it! Thanks for the recipe and the new blog to check out!

  5. This food looks so beautiful, I wanted to lick my screen. You are making me sooo hungry. Keep up the good work.

  6. wow! they look delicious. Makes me drool actually. 🙂

  7. Wow, it looks beautiful!

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