Countdown >> 3 Days to Next Chapter

May 30, 2008


3 more days to next chapter of my life~ =X i’m excited and worried at the same time! *heart pounding* Relax and chill my heart! >.<

Met up with Yani and ling too today was a great day as i managed to hang out with 2 of my fav girls(out of the many fav girls :P) and they finally got a chance to meet each other as well! I finally fulfilled the promise to bring yani to Meidi-ya Supermarket! *grin* it strikes me that i’m actively trying to fulfill all the promises i made! =X Gosh, it is not as if i’m going away to a far away place~ =/

Shocked Yani

This time i managed to practice some self control! 😛 however, 1st timer yani, suffered the same fate as me when i was there for the 1st time, happily grabbing and planning for a Japanese meal! 😛 As usual, Meidi-ya has lots of expensive imported products and yani was totally shocked by the price of the honeydew~ 😛 i love that expression! SGD$ 89 honeydew and SGD$ 130 bunch of grapes! *GASP*

Me: “I wonder who will be the silly cow to buy such an expensive fruit!”

Yani: “For praying maybe?”

Me: *stare, ponder and laugh* “You mean if u offer a more expensive fruit u will be more blessed?”

Yani: *shrugs and laugh*

We spotted a really cool fish! Check out the vibrant red coat, and the shiny bright eyes! 😀 Guess how much does this fello cost? >.< SGD$ 138

After shopping, the plan was to head to highly recommended Zam Zam restaurant for murtabak, and finally to Rich and Good cake shop for swiss rolls! well…. Things didnt really go as planned! *sigh* It started to rain heavily when we were about to make our way there~ =( Therefore there was a change of plans~ we ended up at plaza singapura around 4pm for our late lunch. Dine at secret Recipe and Yani had a nice meatball spaghetti –>

Yani with Her spaghetti

there’s a huge variety of cakes *drool* i cant help it and ordered their tea-time promotion, which consists of a slice of cake from their cake range and a cup of coffee or tea, all priced at SGD$ 5.90. *grin*

I picked a cup of white coffee with a slice of peach cake! Sponge cake sandwiched with whipped cream and peaches, the outer layer was torched to give the nice golden brown tone. In fact i was attracted by the torched outer layer on the 1st sight! 😛 YUM! i would love to come back again to try the rest of the variety soon!

Secret Recipe
Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre
68, Orchard Road
#03-18 Singapore 238839
(65) 63419909

– .: Amanda :.



  1. Yeah for the next chapter. I’m all about new beginnings.

  2. Gambatte Manda!!!

  3. hey.. the tea time promo is so affordable!!! now we know where we can go next time =)

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