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May 30, 2008


Time flies, it has been 2 weeks since completion of my exams! One of the significant day which marks one of the major decision i made so far. >.< And a month since i last saw ling! 😛 Gosh, i am glad that she is back! Missed this girl! 😀

We arranged for a session where ling could share her experience about Korea and the 700 beautiful pics taken there. 😛 Finally we settled with dining at Shokudo, Japanese Food Bazaar located at the basement of Raffles city shopping centre. Being my 1st time there, i was rather impressed with the range which they offered. It totally reminded me of Marche, but however this time, the Japanese’s version. Being a weekday and totally after lunch hours, there was not much of a crowd, in fact no crowd! less than 10 customers i’m sure! the ratio of staffs to customers was like 5:1 *Ponder*

Was supposed to grab my lunch there, but being me, i always had a hard time trying to convince my brain and finding the balance with my heart on what to eat! 😛 After “Touring” around the different sections twice and like 15mins of “Brainstorming” i decided to let Ling call the shots~ *cover mouth* I seriously wonder why when it comes to food, i can never easily make a decision! *roll eyes*

1st up, some yakitori to start off the meal~ 😀 quail eggs and asparagus wrapped with bacon. nothing special here, it is simply grilled and i tasted no special marinate except for the salt from the bacon. =X But however i do take a better liking for our main course, thin crust pizza~ 😀 really thin and crispy crust! though i would prefer a more generous portion of ingredients *sigh* There are only like a few bits of shrimps in there and the rest are just bonito flakes! –>

I guess the main reason why the food that i input into my system doesn’t taste good is all due to the fact that ling was sharing all those delicious looking pics of the Korean cuisine she savored there! *sulk* Desserts did bring the meal to a nice sweet closing~ 😀 This time they are pretty generous with their ingredients! erm…. ice shavings, red beans, matcha syrup?

This pile of ice cost as much as the pizza! =X and it totally reminds me of ice kachang!! LOL, instead of all the different colorful syrups, this comes in a standard flavor of matcha (green tea) and right in the centre and top of this “ice pile” generous portion of adzuki! (red Beans) The yellow bites = chestnuts and the white ones = mochi.

Buddy Ling

That’s my buddy Ling! Is that happy, shocked expression? i bet it is “i’m freezing” expression. 😛 Not much crowd = air conditioner temperature drops? After all the chit chatting, munching and scanning through the pics, we are both shivering! (-.-“) Overall, this dessert is both our favorite for the day~ *wink*

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-44E Singapore 179103
(65) 6837 3793

– .: Amanda :.


One comment

  1. This is my 2nd trip there and i’m actually quite disappointed… The pizza tasted better the 1st time.. as for the yakitori, it’s my first time trying. Apparently when i asked for sauce, there wasn’t any. Haha…
    but then i guess its the company tt counts rite! *grins*

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