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May 31, 2008


Another one of my “fulfilling promise” attempts 😛 Spent the day with a few of my university pals, those close ones 😛 It was a really last minute decision, though a few of them couldn’t make it, we went ahead with the plan. We rolled out of bed early, met at Bedok Market for a simple, nice breakfast before heading to east coast park, where we commerce on our cycling trip! *grin* yes, it has been raining over the past few days, but thank God, we are blessed with wonderful, cooling weather and though it did drizzle lightly on and off during the 4hrs we spend cycling, it was only when we are heading off to the nearby mall when it starts to pour heavily. Hallelujah !

That’s us before embarking on the trip to conquer the eastern coastal lines! *laugh* all fresh and eager to start off… Initially, we started off aimlessly roaming cycling around the park, stopping at different parts of the park, enjoying the “specials” in the park. such as the the “Bicycle Multi-story carpark” according to one of my silly pals, i cant remember exactly who is the nonsensical one >.< *laugh* which in fact was just a small low level “tower” which we have to cycle up in spiral wise and it oversees the park. When i say low, I really mean LOW!

We spotted this “special” and decided to stop and snap some pictures. 😛

Having been to Ubin previously, cycling in the park aint challenging enough for us! Therefore, we decided to venture to the next park along the coast, Changi beach park which was about 8km away~ The trip to and fro + all the cycling inside the park itself, i reckon we covered about at least 20km today. O.O

After all the exercise, it is important that we pump up on proteins! 😛 so we headed off to Fish Mart Sakuraya at Parkway Parade for some fresh sashimi! *lick lips* love this place! Master san (buddy weicyan) was the 1st to discover this gem, and brought me here a year back. And i have been telling the gang about this wonderful place for a long time! Finally we are here! 😀

So what did we had? all time favorite, salmon and tako (octopus)! On top of these, the counter staff recommended Amberjack and Mackerel~ My 1st time venturing out of the usual salmon, tuna sashimi, and i so must tell you! I felt that they are sooooooooo good~ light and chewy~ 😀

Fish Mart Sakuraya – Parkway Parade
Parkway Parade
80, Marine Parade Road
#B1-83D Singapore 449269
(65) 63454714

– .: Amanda :.


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  1. i like the sand castle!! it’s so pretty.

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