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June 2, 2008


Enjoyed a wonderful time today with 3 of my fav girls. 😛 These girls have been with me since my 1st year in the polytechnic! and this coming July will mark the 7th year of our frenship! *grin* Time flies indeed! It has been 2 years since the 3 of them graduated from university and turned into working adults! I’m proud to say that i watch them grow and along the way, learn alot of them. Thank God for them! 😀 I’m so blessed to have them with me through these years! Meet my fav girls! Left to right : JJ, aishi and susee! 😛 (followed by me of cos!)

So what did we do today? We had an early dinner at Lerk Thai restaurant, enjoyed some thai dishes :X no pictures this time! i am too engrossed in catching up with the girls that i forgotten about snapping them! The only food-wised picture i managed to capture was JJ with her drink! Iced Roselle tea! –>

After dinner, we headed off to “sing our lungs out karaoke session”! *laugh* been a long time since i done a karaoke session! *cover mouth* was fun when u can really let loose, sing the way you want to! For you know that with people that loves you, out of tune/beat/rhythm does not apply at all. *winK* Alright, i shall stop here! i’m pretty much drained~ *crawl to bed* i shall head off to bed to get charged for the NEW chapter starting later! *grin*

– .: Amanda :.