Mixed Rice – BiBimBap

June 7, 2008

Been very much into Korean Cuisine recently, bought a couple of Korean condiments and was pretty determined to make good use of them 😛 Let’s take a look at one of them…. yes, the hot pepper paste, commonly used in whipping up Korean cuisine.

For today’s lunch, i decided to whip up the famous and popular BiBimBap (^.^V) Both Ling and Fei made this previously and finally it is my turn to try it out! 😀

BiBimBap literally means mixed or stirred rice, it is actually a bowl of white rice, topped with vegetables, meat, egg and hot pepper paste. All these ingredients are mixed together before eating. One can choose to add any kind of vegetables according to their liking, be it cucumber, zucchini, radish, spinach, carrots, mushrooms, sprouts…. etc. They are normally sautéed and seasoned before being plated into BiBimBap.

I decided to make a vegetarian version of this, with simple ingredients like Enoki mushrooms, carrots, sweet corn, cucumber and egg. I actually love the stone pot version of BiBimBap, known as Dolsot BiBimBap. Rice at the based on the stone pot will be lightly burnt and crispy. *drool* and when mixed together with the other ingredients it brings about a wonderful experience with those crispy bits! With no stone pot at home, the closest i could find was a claypot! 😛

This is really one of the Super, duper, easy and fast meals! Traditionally, the vegetables are to be sautéed, but I simply just steamed the mushrooms and sweet corn, fried an egg, arrange them in the claypot, heat the claypot up, mix in hot pepper paste and TADA! Dolsot BiBimBap. 😛

For more traditional recipes, do drop by <Maangchi> and <Kevin> ! They have wonderful recipes to share. 🙂

– .: Amanda :.



  1. That bibimbap looks really good. I have really been enjoying the gochujang paste lately.

  2. don’t like your blog… make me hungry only =(

  3. Kevin: YES! need you to post more recipes using hot pepper paste~ 😛 i have a whole tub to play with~

    Scuzzybum: *grin* that’s the whole point! to make you hungry~ (^.^V)

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