Coconut Orange Cake

June 16, 2008


Happy Fathers’ Day
*clap* to all the fathers out there! 😀

Coconut Orange Cake

woke up at 6am to make this cake, managed to complete the baking and assembling process just in time for breakfast. (^^,) Spotted this <<recipe>> sometime back on Pamela‘s Blog, love the idea of coconut and orange~ *drool* i’m sure it will be a hit with my parents. I immediately decided to make this on Father’s day, bookmarked the recipe and waited for the day to arrive! 😛

Pamela shared 2 method to make this cake, i opt for the 1st method, which produced, light, moist and fluffy cake. Instead of the frosting, i replace it with coconut ganache recipe taken from The Australian woman’s weekly which i have been wanting to try. Sliced the cake into 2 layers, ganache was spread on the cake, in between the layers and top off with some fresh grated coconut.


2 eggs
125g butter (softened)
50g dried schredded coconut
250g sugar
180g self raising flour
1 tbsp orange zest
250ml milk

Coconut Ganache:
70ml Coconut Cream
180g white chocolate
1 tsp Orange zest

Grated Coconut (toppings)
Blackcurrent Preserve (optional)

  1. Separate the egg white and egg yolk.
  2. Beat the egg yolk, softened butter and sugar together in a big bowl till it is creamy and fluffy.
  3. Stir in the grated orange peel and the shredded coconut and then add in the flour.
  4. Pour in the milk and stir till combined.
  5. Beat the egg white until stiff peaks formed. Fold it into the mixture till combined.
  6. Bake it for about 60 minutes until the wooden stick comes out clean.
  7. Leave it to cool for 10 minutes before turning it out on the wire rack.
  8. Coconut ganache: Over a double boiler, melt and combine all the ingredients, till smooth consistency reached.
  9. Once the cake is of room temperature, Spread coconut ganache and decorate as desired.

I reduced the sugar called for in the cake by 1/2, as i’m using the ganache which i’m sure will be pretty sweet and also replaced the dried shredded coconut called for with fresh grated coconut. My family loved the cake! But i find the ganache itself too sweet for my liking~ =X the cake was delicious~ before the spreading of the ganache, the cake itself was light and soft, after the ganache sandwich in between the layers, it kind of makes the cake wet. =( bad choice of frosting by me! But i’m sure plain undecorated version makes really good tea cake. 😀 Thanks Pamela! wonderful recipe! Kept a quarter of the cake in the fridge, due to the ganache the cake hardens quite abit in the fridge, therefore, it will be better to consume it, within the same day it is being assembled.

– .: Baker Lee :.



  1. What a beautiful cake! I’m a fan of coconut, and to pair it so beautifully with orange sounds like such a wonderful idea 🙂

  2. Wow! your cake looks fantastic.

    I wish have fresh coconut to be able to make the toppings like yours 🙂 Sorry that ganache didn’t turn out to your liking. I find that with ganache, I have to do a try and error to see which mixture taste better because some are either too creamy or too sweet. hmm…you got my brain thinking … would a nice thin layer of custard in between or on top of the cake be a better match? I even thought it would be interesting to experiment with fresh salted coconut toppings – it will give a rather interesting taste to the cake.

    As for the cake hardening in the fridge, I think the cake would still stay fresh if it is covered up.

  3. OvenHaven: Hey girl! 😀 Thanks for the comments! yes, orange and coconut really works! u should try this recipe too~ 😛

    Pamela: Thanks pam! and thanks for sharing this recipe! 😛 i’m very happy with the cake *nod* except my bad judgment on the ganache :X ohh~ salted coconut toppings! reminds me of oneh oneh! 😛

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