Mid Autumn Gifts From Ling

September 14, 2008

It is a joyful and exciting to receive gifts! and exceptionally lovely to receive gifts from the heart =) As i aged matured, i realized that the good and precious things cant be bought, they are given uncalled for. Totally understood why parents would be so over the moon to receive a handmade b.day card from their lil one. It is the love the kids bring forth in making it that matters. Gives a warming feeling to the heart to know that someone is putting effort into making you something unique, special, one and only. (^^,)

Received some really lovely and worth mentioning Mid Autumn Festival gifts this year! Really nice of Ling to specially made these despite all the heavy school workload she is facing at the moment. =) appreciate it girl! and they are simply delicious! i have to show it off to the world, what you offered me! 😛 1st up, Agar Agar Mooncakes –>

Comes in 4 flavors! Bandung, chendol, durian and peach! =) I love the chendol one! so gonna force this girl to impart skills on making this soon! 😛 let’s check out the interior!

Pretty Aint they? and not only do they look good, they tasted really good! Chendol was my favorite among them, and i’m craving for more…. *hint* that’s not all… next up! chocolate coated cereals~ comes in delicious black forest, green tea and strawberry flavors! Yum Yum…

Since it is mid autumn, how can the gift not include mooncakes? 😛 tada~~ Snow skin mooncakes! made with my mooncake mould! *grin* loan her the mould and i get rewarded in return! not a bad investment yea? creative flavors by Ling, red wine, durian, pandan, chocolate, sarsi… and i cant remember about the pink one =X is it bandung or strawberry? O.o well… wait till i try it out myself!

I’m not paid but am gonna advertise for Elyn again…. The mooncake mould is really a breeze to use! even Ling agrees… 😛 so get them next year! Visit <<Elyn’s Site>> for more information!

-.: Amanda :.



  1. Gosh, you’re a bunch of talented girls, aren’t you? Both you and Ling 🙂 The mooncakes look delish! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  2. hee.. thank you for your kind compliments orh! to make these for ppl that’s close to my heart, it’s definitely worth it. i’m glad that u like my creations..oh, btw.. the pink is the bandung snowskin w bandung lotus paste. although some of them may not be tt fantastic. but i will continue to improve and not to worry. there’s more homemade food from me!!!!

  3. The snowskin mooncakes look so pretty. You are one lucky girl to have such a good buddy. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  4. Stunning work of art! Can I be friends with yu guys, please?

    Happy Belated Mid-Autumn Festival!!

  5. Great to see you active again Mandy…what pretty mooncakes. Very very intriguing!! Enjoy the Mid-Autumn festival!! xoxoxo

  6. Yes I agree with you!

  7. lmlijngysloptfzywell, hi admin adn people nice forum indeed. how’s life? hope it’s introduce branch 😉

  8. yummy looking. i haven’t tried these yet,only those baked chinese mooncakes with egg. what’s chendol?

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