Ang Koo Kueh

September 28, 2008

*grin* Yes, Mid-Autumn Festival is offically over~ For about 2+ weeks, but it doesnt mean that we cant have mooncakes! 😛 Alright~~ Let’s not confused all of u out there~ these are NOT snowskin mooncakes! *shake head* They are in fact the popular Nonya Kueh, Ang Koo Kueh! 😛

When i did <Snowskin mooncakes> with mummy sometime back, she was pretty impressed with how easy it is to use the mooncake mould bought from <Elyn> and did mention that i should get a bigger sized square and circular mould next year. I love the mould, but however the thought of packing them away and only pulling them out once a year, doesnt justify for the need to have more than 1 mould, especially when i already have 4 cool interchangeable plates pattern to play with!

Mum strikes with the idea that we could make kuehs with them, and she went on about how simple it would be to make kueh without the all the knocking. *blink blink* woah!! brilliant idea~ so i went to do some research and decided to experiment making Ang Koo Kueh using mooncake mould instead. =) Landed at Florence’s Blog and Tada!

Pretty simple ingredients, u need glutinous rice flour, water and sweet potato for the skin, and the fillings will be based on what u fancy, traditional ones contains mung bean fillings, which has a sweet and salty taste.

I am a lover for Peanut filling Ang Koo Kueh, therefore based on Agar-ation (estimation) i did a simple peanut filling =) 100g Roasted Peanuts grounded with 40g fine sugar, mixed together with enough water to form a soft dough.

Based on my mooncake mould which was 5.2cm in diameter, the recipe yields 34 ang koo kuehs. With 30g Skin dough + 40g fillings.

It is really good!! the skin stays soft even after it was cooled! unlike those commerically produced! =X I am so making it again! Interested in trying out the recipe? Hop on to <Florence’s blog> now! It is worth the try!

– .: Amanda :.



  1. The “mooncake” ang koo kueh you made looks so beautiful and yummie-licious! It’s making me crave for ang koo kueh! :p~


  2. Looks very pretty!
    Glad you all liked it. 🙂

  3. ah!!! its so nice… i want some!

  4. Good job. The colour is so vibrant and pretty. I will sure try when my moulds arrive. Now I can’t wait.

  5. fantastic idea! akk with a mooncake look….

  6. Hi amanda
    you have nice blog and i loved the recipes…in fact, i liked kueh and would certinly try to make it.

  7. hi amanda,

    I bought the molds from elyn. Round and square, yippee! I cannot wait to try it this weekend, my fave filling is peanuts, wish me luck!


  8. Hi Amanda,

    Creative idea using this mould………looks so pretty!!!
    Can you tell me where i can purchase this mould???
    Thks so much…….keep up the good work!!!

  9. Hi,
    May i ask How many grams sweet potatos did u use to achieve 34 pcs from the mould size?

    also, for the peanuts fillings, is 100g roasted peanuts + 40g sugar enuff to fill up for all 34 pcs?

    How much water proportion or just estimate? & lastly, how long do u steam? with high fire?

    thks 🙂

  10. First time I see mooncake angkus.
    *thumbs up*

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  12. Hi Amanda,

    Your blog is amazing! I’d love to be in touch with you.
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    Jan Jee

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