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Steam Orange/Mango Cake

April 27, 2008

Steam our way to a healthier diet! 😛 I finally finalize my thesis! *cheer* I decided to make my all time favorite, <Steam Banana Cake> 😀 and after doing a batch, i played around with other fruits… and I ended up with… 3 variety of steam cakes….

Steam Banana, Orange and Mango Cake

Did a batch of steam orange cake…. instead of bananas; swapped in 120g of orange puree, beat the mixture to soft peak instead of ribbon stage this time, as i’m afraid that the amount of moisture in the orange puree will collapse the cake…

Steam Orange Cake

For the steam mango cake, i used 180g of mashed mango. and the steps follows those of the <steam banana cake> only difference is the fruits in it.

Steam Mango Cake

The main reason for altering the amount of fruits called for, is that the amount of moisture in these fruits defer respectively therefore slight alteration in the hope that texture will not be affected. well, it was fun to try out different combination *laugh*

The oranges i used in my orange cake were more to the sour side~ =X but the cake gives a refreshing feeling though! for the mango cake, i love the bits of mango in them, but however, this mango i’m using ain’t those fragrant type, therefore there seem to be an egg-y aftertaste which covers up the mango taste. =/<steam banana cake> is still the best! >.<

– .: Tester Lee :.



April 18, 2008

Wohoooo~ it is Friday once again! TGIF! =X What have I been up to this whole week? *sign* nah~ not much work-out in the kitchen this week… as I’m pretty buzy with…………

Yes… >.< my thesis report! Eeeeks~ shall make this short… need to bury myself in this report *wails* Really happy when i check the comments readers left me today! *grin* Thanks people! All the kind comments! And many thanks to deeba and sarah for brightening up my long, tiring day 🙂 Both of them kindly shared their blogging awards with me… so sweet!


This is what I did earlier this week; on Tuesday(15th April) was one of my darling cousin, Lewis’s 😀 I took time off, woke up early and baked him a cake… well… wasn’t really a success~ =X i sandwiched the cake with butter cream and black current preserve. Didn’t manage to get the correct consistency for the preserve *sulk* I faced troubles spreading butter cream over the sides of the cake, therefore I gave up totally and make them into slices… =X

seeee~ (-.-“) as it was sandwiched with the butter cream, it looks kind of messy with the cream and preserve mixed together, i bet it is my poor cake decorating skill~ =/ i need more practice! This is actually a recipe by Dorie, her Perfect Party Cake. I need more practice to make these perfect…

Thankfully, Lunch was pretty prefect! 😛 pizzzzzza~ and it was thin crust pizza! 😀 we both had fun, messing around with the ingredients available in the fridge to make these… yum yum! a new favorite homemade thin crust! This deserve a post on it’s own, so i shall find time to do it later next week when i’m closer to completing my thesis. 😛 Alright~ back to boooooks… not cookbooks sadly! *wave*

– .: Amanda :.


Steam Pandan Cake – Experimenting

March 29, 2008

Steaming craze continue to manifest in me… and now it has made it’s way to my mummy! *evil laughter* both of us have been spending a lot of time in the kitchen together, steaming. >,< yes, trying to discover the steam pandan cake which suits our taste. Really enjoy her company in the kitchen, where we discuss and work our way to perfecting our recipe. It feels like a project, starting from brainstorming to planning to development to evaluation(we munch as we steam! By the end of 3rd batch, we both cleared 6 of them >.<) *rub chin* But this project is so much enjoyable than any others! 😛 love ones + hobby = CLOUD NO. 10. (Somewhere higher than cloud no.9!) *giggle*

We did 3 batches… :p as u can see~ with slight variation among the ingredients. As it progresses, the color gets better just as the taste 😛 mummy freshly squeezed pandan juice just for this steaming session 😀 Here’s the pics of our 1st batch…











Followed by 2nd batch~ with additional pandan juice.


3rd batch! With additional coconut milk + pandan paste (for the nice green tone) 🙂 taste like soft moist pandan chiffon cake!

Family members are all very satisfied with the 3rd batch… Daddy brought some to work, and was telling me that these remain soft and moist. His car was also filled with the nice aroma of pandan + coconut! hee~ will be experimenting more with this recipe! *nod*

– .: Amanda :.


Healthier Choice?

March 25, 2008

*laugh* sometimes i feel like some animal in the zoo =X well, i shouldn’t be complaining since i have a colorful selection of healthy fruits 😛 2 serving of fruits and vegetables a day for a healthy balanced diet! have you taken yours?

Recently the steamed goods virus got into me, i am in fact more keen in steamed goods than baked goods! For the past week, I have been experimenting with them! 😛 made a few different kind of steam cakes… ❤ steam cakes, as they are a much healthier option compared with baked ones. 😀 They store really well, simple ingredients and are supposed to be very soft and fluffy (if u get the proportion right!) ~ 😀

1st up, generously shared by Aunty Yochana. Hong Kong Style Ma Lai Koh, which is in fact steam egg sponge cake. Normally serve in dim sum restaurants.

Next, Cecily’s Steam Sponge Cake! Added some raisins in and made them into muffin size. Grab and go! 😛

Steam steam~ 😀 more steam goods coming for sure!

– .: Amanda :.



February 27, 2008


What did u have for lunch today? Saw this random photo hanging around in my pictures folder, hee~ taken sometime in December 2007. My mum often makes me “color” lunch. *grin* definitely very filling as well!

been stucked on my HCI (human computer interaction) coursework for quite sometime~ and this feeling is killing me! >.< *stab self with knife* am so clueless about what to write for the essay… *sigh* after reading books and more books and more more books, it is still not helping~ *smack forehead* all these reading felt so helpless! It feels that I would have spent better time baking instead of reading those books! 😛 soooooo I decided to do something in the morning to motivate myself. 😀

What will u do with 4 egg whites? O.o turn them into lunch! XD yup~~ tat’s what i did! had 4 egg whites sitting on the kitchen table, leftovers after my attempt to make ice-cream. (wait for my ice-cream post coming up soon! *wink*) =X in order not to waste food… i pop some olive oil into frying pan, mixed the whites with some mixed herbs and TADA! Low cholesterol sandwiches for mummy and me! Sandwiched with ham, lettuces, tomato and cucumber slices, toasted for a couple of mins in the oven for some extra crispy bite on the white bread~ completed with cream of mushroom soup (nothing special, just Campbell soup XD) a healthy complete meal! *laugh* i pray i’m now energize to think and work better! >.< *pray*

– .: Amanda :.


MeMe !!

February 22, 2008

*gasp* MeMe! Erm…. My very 1st MeMe! *giggle* I was tagged by Mrs Kwok, my poly classmate, better known as fei! Girl! What should I do here! Help~~~ =X From examples of other bloggers, it seems like I have to 1st

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5 Facts about Me

Sharing myself to the world! *cover up* 😛 okie, here it goes…

Fact 1: Currently a year 3 student, doing her Degree in Computing and Information System. *sigh* yes, final year = lots of stress = less time to do personal stuffs = less happiness *boo* Will swim hard and conquer this final lap!! *swimming*

Fact 2: Very blessed!! Greatly loved by Daddy God! Jesus! 😀 my lovely family and friends~~ and the same goes, I love them too! will do anything and everything to make them happy! (^^,)

Fact 3: Loves BAKING! Must I say it again? BAKING! *giggle* started actively baking a year+ ago, back in those days, I would bake almost every night after dinner! =X all bcos I’m so addicted to trying recipes! 😛 now? Still crave to bake, but time doesn’t permit everyday, I would say at least once a week now~ ^^ Enjoy feeding my family, friends and receiving their comments to help me grow! I’m willing to learn~ 😀 I can spend a huge part of my allowance buying baking needs! >.< instead of shopping for clothes, bags, shoes blah blah like other girls, I spend more on shopping at baking needs shops or supermarkets! *cover mouth*

Fact 4: reads food (baking, cooking, food reviews) blogs! Haha~ really enjoy surfing~ learning from those kind people out there who are all so willing to share tips, views and recipes with the world! 🙂 Thanks all! 

Fact 5: Loves Animals! Really really a lot! *whisper* owner of bunnies, hamsters, chicks, fishes, terrapins! (which all gone back with Daddy God to a better place) hey! They live long k! I’m proud to say that my 1st hamster, billy, with an average lifespan on 3yrs, lives till 6 years old! *grin* Am a volunteer at SPCA, volunteering every Monday~ (^^,) dog-walking (sometimes I wonder, if I’m walking them, or they are walking me!! Some dogs are so overpowering! I cant hold them down!) and cleaning shelters so that the lil cute ones will get a nice clean shelter to stay in. Why volunteer? By spending ½ a day, I can do my part and bring joy to the lil ones there 😀 learning never ends, responsibility is one of the valuable lesson I learn from volunteering.

Alright~ that’s 5 facts about me! XD now I need to tag 5 people! *ponder* food bloggers or non food bloggers? >.< from all the previous meme-ers it seems to be food blogs! So here it is…

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The Apprentices

December 24, 2007

Been a very very buzy week! But I’m enjoying things as it’s now~ though I only get to sleep on the average 4-5hrs per night. =X Somehow this week, I’m seeing more of aishi! =p replacing My evil twin, yani while she is taking timeout for her Hari Raya holis? Yes, taking about Hari Raya~ dearest Yani, Syafiq, Imran, It’s Hari Raya once again! And I’m taking this time to ask for your forgiveness in the things I have done un-intentionally or knowingly. It’s the time to seek forgiveness and be forgiven! *Nod* Happy Hari Raya my dears!

Since it’s Hari Raya, on
the 20th Dec 2007, Thursday, it’s a HOLIDAY! *cheer* My 1st Apprentice, Qinyu (Pri and Sec sch mate) came over to learn a few tips from Master Lee. *wave* Wah~ wat got into this woman? Suddenly wanna bake for xmas giveaways! *rub Chin* Must be up to no GOOD! Who is the lucky chap? O.o I wanna know too! *grin*


Apprentice 001 made plain muffins, decorated with various toppings~ Available on the topping list are white chocolates, chopped peanuts, marshmallows, sprinkles, m & m, gummies, Butter Cream, chocolate ganache, WAH! That’s a long list right? >.< Pulled out a simple Plain Muffins recipe for 1st time newbie to try *giggle* 1 bowl plain Muffins. This recipe wouldn’t and shouldn’t go wrong! =X But still i must say Qinyu did a great job learning fast =) Demo and baked a trial batch for her to see, and the rest of the 30-ish muffins were all made by her, My job = oversee, wash dishes and make the chocolate ganache and butter cream topping. See see my apprentice at work!I mus Salute her patience to make every muffin different! decorating every muffins with different designs = super taxing! *pull hair* Even though i watch her do all the deco, i feel tired for her~ >.<


Aishi and Yunjie came as well! *scream with joy* haha~ I love company! Esp by people I love! And will always love! (^^,)While Apprentice 001 was busy decorating muffins, Apprentice 002 and 003 combined their powers to try out a marbled cake recipe which I was eye-ing on =p

<– My 2 Fav Girls sharing my passion in bake! My place turning into a bakery school? =p Ah~ i will ask the Lord for a bigger kitchen with bigger oven and mixer 1st! XD Multiply for me Lord! *grin*




– .: Master Lee :.